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dating after a divorce for women

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It’s a common problem I see happen again and again: divorced women of a certain age get out there in the dating world, looking for companionship, and find divorced men who want wife number two (or three, or four, or wherever they’re at). I have several relatives and friends who are divorced women, who have had to end relationships because they always reached that inevitable problem: the men they were seeing wanted to get hitched again, and these women simply did not. Unable to provide for these men the type of commitment they wanted, the women just had to end things. Women tend to be emotionally responsible like that and don’t lead people on. Men, can you take a page from our book in that regard, please? It’s interesting because, we often think of men as the ones who are commitment-averse, but in these situations, it’s the women. But, to be fair, they aren’t commitment-averse entirely. These women want some sort of commitment, but they just don’t want to do the whole marriage thing, again. While at first it may all seem surprising, if you take a closer look, you’ll actually find it makes a lot of sense that divorced men want to remarry, and divorced women often don’t.


Men can be hermits

Men are often less social than women are. They may have a handful of men that they call friends, but they don’t make much of an effort to see them regularly. A lot of men only see their “best friend” a few times a year. What’s that about?  They don’t plan ahead and make sure they’ll get to see these friends. They don’t put plans in the calendar, to ensure they’ll have friendship in their life. They can be kind of lonely when they don’t have wives.

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