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high risk covid-19

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A lot of people look at the COVID-19 numbers rising and assume that other people are the problem. They only compare their behaviors to the behaviors of the thousands of people rushing pool parties and bars, cramming in, shoulder to shoulder, doing body shots off one another. I think a lot of people say, “Well, I’m not like that. It’s those groups who are the problem. Not me!” I hear it all the time from people who consider themselves responsible. “We’ve been good. I mean, we just visited our cousins and their kids last week for a BBQ. We went to our friend’s new pool, but there were only like eight people there. That’s about it. We have dinner once a week with my husband’s parents but other than that, we really don’t do anything.” Um…I’m pretty sure I just heard a ton of stuff that you do! Not long ago I wrote a post on how COVID-19 is much like STDs, and this is another similarity. People act as if it takes 100 incidents of exposure to catch it. All it takes is one. And it only takes one incident to spread it, too. So please stop thinking that you’re the exception to the rules, and that you’re “being good” when you’re possibly not. Almost nothing is worth risking getting or spreading COVID-19 over. Including the following activities.

high risk covid-19

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Going to a bar

You want someone to make you a special drink. You want a reason to put on a cute outfit. You want to people watch. Okay, well, put on a cute outfit, make yourself a specialty cocktail, and drink that on your balcony while you watch people walk by on the street. Going to a bar is about one of the dumbest reasons to risk COVID-19.

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