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Although Shekinah Jo Anderson usually appears on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as a source of comic relief, the star hairstylist got very serious during Monday night’s “You Trippin” episode of the series. In episode six, during the girls trip, cast member Sierra Gates shared that things in her relationship with boyfriend BK Brasco could be a lot better, and co-star Spice also talked how about she hadn’t spoken to the father of her children in three years. As both women lamented the state of their love and co-parenting lives, it left Shekinah ready to vent about her issues with today’s men.

“That’s why I’m single. B—h, I been through some things,” she said. “I been to the point where a n—-a done mentally and physically abused me, and I don’t want to deal with that.”

“I’ve been in two different abusive relationships and I feel a lot of these other ladies have been through some of the things that I’ve been through right here,” she said in her confessional. “It hurts me to know they’ve been through those same things because mind manipulation, a man putting his hand on you, it’s unacceptable you guys.”

From there, Shekinah spoke about the cheating, and violence she’s been subjected to, and that she’s seen other women have to deal with.

“They put you in a box where you’re supposed to be doing everything right and they still be [inaudible] off on you. I don’t f–k with these n—as,” she said. “And they could f–k you and you, and have y’all beefing with each other. It’s a lot with these men. They disrespectful, they f–k everybody and it ain’t no rules to them. He’ll be out f–kin’ another ho and come beat your a– because he out f–ckin’. It’s not right!”

From there, she pounced on the idea that all people talk about is how women want and need men, yet some treat so many women terribly.

“All we do is sit up here and talk about a man, a man, a man. It’s so f–ked up how we built up from children up that we gotta have a man,” she said. “‘Oooh I want a man.  Oooh I want the man with the money.  Oooh I want this.’ That man with the money come with so many problems, so much sh-t.”

She then turned her attention to such examples as how Stevie J treated Mimi Faust, who was part of the girl trip, and Spice taking care of two kids by herself since she and her ex broke up.

“What Stevie J do? What he did to you? Brought the b—h Joseline around you after you done got damn been with him, got his baby! F–ked a whole stripper on you!” she said. “You know how many women got to take care of their children like this girl said she has to take care of her children? It ain’t right.”

“At the end of the day everybody keep running around talking about we need a man. You need some d–k. No, b—h I need the Lord to get my s–t in order. F–k is you talking about?” she added. “I’m sick of this s–t with these men.”

In 2017, Shekinah posted a picture of herself with a bruised face claiming that a man had physically abused her. Before deleting the post she wrote, “Please pray for me this man just beat me sooooo bad please pray for me!!!!”

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Our prayers are with #Shekinah!

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She never really explained what was behind the post — until now.

Check out the reactions people had to Shekinah’s feelings about how some of the men of today treat women, which has led her to avoid dating.



“I get where Shekinah coming from. And I don’t blame her,” said an equally frustrated commenter on Twitter. “Men are lame AF & that’s just that. I felt her whole rant! COMPLETELY.”

The commenter above seconded Shekinah’s sentiments, saying “A lot of these men out here are just pathetic…ladies know your worth.”

Another noted that they were enjoying the conversations the women were having on their trip.

“Omg this women’s day is dope!!!” she wrote. “Amen Shekinah women has been taught since little girls to get a man and this and that and true the men with money and power are the worst

The commenter above was a fan of Shekinah saying she didn’t need a man to help get her together, but rather, God, calling her statements a “WORD”: “Shekinah said she don’t want a man to get her right, she want the lord to get her right,”

But another commenter said that a lot of the ugliness Shekinah mentioned can only happen when you allow it to: “They only do what you allow… that’s a scripture she left out.”

Shekinah wasn’t the only person who dealt with physical and mental abuse. As the commenter above noted, “I’ve been through allll of that too…abuse, manipulation, they said. “It doesn’t feel good.”

“Shekinah is right,” wrote another commenter. “N—as will be f–kin multiple chicks and have them beef with each other over his dog a– and definitely don’t need to put their hands on women cuz no real man will do that.”

Shekinah’s comments left a few LHHATL watchers “teary eyed,” like the person above, and the commenter below.

I watch love and hip hop atl tonight and omg I cried when Shekinah was telling her story. Like l Can’t stand when people tell me I need a man…no. Like it will come in due time til then I’m working chilling and drama free.”

“I’d rather be single than deal with abuse,” said the commenter above, who agreed with Shekinah that it’s better to be solo than running behind a toxic man. “It makes sense why you never see her trying to date.”

“Shekinah is so right, us women really are programmed to do everything right by these shitty a– men,” said another on Twitter. 

Plenty of people felt that Shekinah ‘spoke a word,’ during the girls trip episode, One person said it made her look at the stylist differently.

“I was just about to say why is Shekinah on this show & then they all started talking about men, relationships, kids… & I started tearing up! #ifeltthat”

“These men don’t care and it is sad,” said a commenter in agreement with Shekinah. “Men just don’t understand the level of psychological and emotional abuse they can cause.”

“Shekinah is telling the truth about men ,” another agreed. “My sons father put me through so much man . Spice’s anger and frustration and tears hurt me as a truly single mom with no help . Whew .”

A commenter said they got “goosebumps” from Shekinah speaking open and emotionally about how these men can be.

“Shekinah said some real sh-t on Love and Hip Hop ‘men put you in a box, make you feel like you gotta do everything perfect for them and even when you fulfil it they still f–k around on you'”

Another commenter said “PREACH!!,” claiming dating is “Not even worth it now a days.”

“Shekinah I feel you. Spice I feel you. Its not even worth it anymore,” said another. “Out here doing whatever tf they want while you give them the world just for them to cheat, beat your a– or leave you to raise kids alone. If you cant make it happen they dont care cause they gone.”

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