That “Hey Maid” #LHHATL Scene With Joseline And Stevie Still Pisses Mimi Off: “I’m Getting Angry Now Thinking About The Sh-t”

March 23, 2020  |  

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If you’re someone who has followed most seasons of Love and Hip Hop and the different cities the show has expanded to, it’s likely that there are some scenes that you probably will never forget. One is Chrissy Lampkin attacking Kimbella Vanderhee. Another is Joseline Hernandez walking into Stevie J’s home, interrupting a conversation between him and Mimi Faust to say to her, “Hey maid! I see you got on your maid outfit like you always do.”

Mimi did have a cleaning business at the time, but she wasn’t wearing anything close to a maid’s uniform in that scene. It was just yet another opportunity for Joseline to poke at her.

That scene, to many people, is pretty iconic, but it does bring up some bad feelings for Mimi, understandably. VH1 made her relive it, as well as Stevie, while promoting Season 9 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to get their present-day commentary on it. She initially could laugh at the scene, but when she thought about that time and the assumptions she says viewers made about what she did and didn’t know when it came to Stevie’s escapades, she got angry all over again.

“I had no clue Joseline was going to be there, was going to walk in,” she said as the scene played and the Puerto Rican princess strutted in wearing a fur coat.

“I had a lot of people say to me, ‘You knew what you were getting yourself into.’ How did I know that? I’ve never been on TV before. I’ve never been on reality TV before. I’ve never been put in this situation before. So how in the world would I know what’s going on?” she asked. “I’m watching this show with you on Monday night and finding out my relationship is f–ked up. I’m watching my daughter’s father, the person I’m in a relationship with, has a whole other relationship with another woman. I’m finding this out with the public on Monday when the show airs! And then you want to ask me why the f–k am I angry or mad.”

She said that was a question fans had asked her. Though Mimi came off pretty mature about things for the most part, when she would get upset, she could get really upset. Who hasn’t heard the bass in her voice as she’s called someone the b-word?

“I had a reason to be angry whether they showed the full extent of why the f–k I went off when I did or not, oh I had a reason to be angry,” she told producers. “Now? These girls don’t have a reason to be angry. They’re fighting over nothing. Me? It was a totally different ballgame that Season 1, 2 and 3.”

For his part in those messy first seasons, Stevie didn’t have much he regretted. In fact, he noted that he “inspired” other love triangles to pop up on other L&HH franchises after he ushered that in, including the storyline of the likes of Peter Gunz and more. But he’s happy to say now that all three parties are in a good place.

“We’re all cool now,” he said. “We’re in group chats now. We can all be around each other and hang out with the children now.”

Mimi still isn’t happy with the way things played out on national television all those years ago, though. Stevie told Mimi that Joseline was his artist and would only be filming studio scenes. When the show aired, she learned it was something completely different. “Who does that?!”

“That was the worst part about it, is that it was on TV,” she said. “If you go through something with your significant other and he’s cheating on you, and it’s just you three going through it and maybe your girlfriends knowing about it — but to go through that and the whole f–kin’ world knows about it and everybody has an opinion? I was at that point ‘the stupidest,’ ‘you’re a doormat,’ you’re this, you’re that. From an audience perspective, I guess that’s how they’re looking at it. They thought because this is TV I know what’s going on. I had no f–kin’ clue. And then everybody wants to ask me why the f–k am I so angry. Are you f–kin’ kidding me? Would you not be angry if this was happening to you?”

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