10 Ways To Support A Friend’s Business Without Spending A Dime

January 27, 2020  |  
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Starting, growing, and sustaining a small business is no simple task. It’s an arduous undertaking that requires countless hours and emotional energy. As the friend of a rising or even established entrepreneur, you may be wondering how you can offer support to your loved one. The most obvious way is to, of course, patronize her business. However, there are so many other avenues to support your girl’s endeavors. Here are ten ways to help out your friend’s small business without spending a dime.

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Write a review

Have you tried the product or service in the past? Don’t keep the good news to yourself, craft a glowing review on Google and then post it on any other platform that features your girl’s services.

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Spread the word

In addition to sharing online reviews, word of mouth is another great way to spread brand awareness. Consider yourself an ambassador of your friend’s company and talk up her product to your circle of influence.

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Promote their venture on your socials

Is there a BOGO promotion or some type of sale going on? It will cost you absolutely nothing to click share and let your followers know about it.

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Help out with business-related tasks

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates, consider pitching in by offering to help out with errands or administrative tasks one Saturday.

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Offer to write a testimonial for their website

Small businesses can always benefit from a little social proof. If you’re particularly impressed by what her business has to offer, volunteer to write a thoughtful testimonial to appear on her business website and social media accounts.

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Send her informative literature

Did you recently learn some valuable information regarding your friend’s respective industry or read an interesting article about entrepreneurship? Be sure to pass it on.

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Be a thought partner

Small business owners don’t typically have access to a large staff with whom they can bounce around ideas. Offer a listening ear and thoughtful input while your friend brainstorms and problem solves.

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Pass along her business cards

Ask for a handful of her business cards that you can keep in your purse and hand out to co-workers, neighbors, and other people you may encounter on a daily basis.

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Make introductions

Do you personally know another business owner with whom your friend can form a mutually beneficial partnership? Ask for permission first, then make the introduction.

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Lend a helping hand for personal tasks

Some entrepreneurs report working as many as 60 to 70 hours per week. Often times, this means that many of their personal tasks fall to the wayside. Helping out can be as simple as offering to make a post office run or as complex as taking the kids for a few hours on a Saturday. It’s really about what you can do.

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