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safety measures covid 19

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It’s pretty astounding that a virus could become politicized. And yet, here we are with a good amount of Americans still believing that COVID-19 was planned. The use of the word Americans may make those who hold such a belief seem far removed from our everyday life, but the truth is some of those people are our friends and family members.

Major changes occur in life, and as a result, we learn a bit more about our own values, and the values of those around us. But nobody predicted that a pandemic would be one of those changes that would sever relationships with those we love. But it is — or at least could be as we move into yet another wave of the pandemic. At this time you may find yourself in the tricky spot of realizing some of the friends you typically adore and respect are not taking this pandemic seriously. So, should you stop being their friends because of it? Here are some things to consider.

safety measures covid 19

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Do they pressure you to take risks?

Although it’s hard to put all of the other issues and concerns aside, just do so for a moment, and ask yourself this: do these friends pressure you into being unsafe? Do they tease you for wanting to wear a mask or keep a distance? Or tell you that you alone are ruining the plans, because of your safety measures? If so, that’s about more than COVID-19. That shows friends who don’t respect your boundaries and don’t allow you to claim what’s best for you.

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