9 Inconvenient Truths About Men & Cheating

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The entire insurance industry is predicated on fear. It causes stampedes in a crowded theater, and got Bush elected for a second term. The way it is internalized by each man will differ and often, he’s not even aware of the true source to his actions. Cheating is often related to fear. Such was the case with Justin, who’s “cheating” ways developed over time. As a young man, he’d been very romantic and had an adolescent relationship with a girl. They were both virgins at the time and fantasized about being each others’ first. Many of their peers were doing the deed but Justin was holding out for his betrothed.  Sophomore year of high school, Justin moved away and she lost her virginity to some other guy. “Never again,” Justin vowed, referring to all the advances he’d passed on in the interests of being “faithful.” And so it went for the next 15 years, throughout which time he promised exclusivity to one girl or another but never honored it. With each dalliance, Justin kept his vow and nurtured his own fear of being hurt and “missing out” until two to three girls became the status quo. Of course, that’s how fear developed for this guy into a block to monogamy. Each individual has an experience all his own but fear is fear and it’s a real source of cheating.

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