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Black celebrity men. There are so many we’ve drooled over over the years, bought posters of, and devotedly watched on TV just because of their fine-ness. And it’s pretty amazing how much you’ll vouch for a man you don’t even know when you’re young  just because he looks good (“Don’t talk about him!”). But as time has passed, many of the big names I used to claim as my boo and other who women used to love the way they ogle over Idris now have become or are slowly becoming a mess for a variety of reasons (drug use, battery, big mouths, etc.). Sorry, but it’s true. If you need some examples of brothas like this, check the list.

Chris Brown

A few years back when I was finishing college, although Chris Brown was a few years younger than me (he was legal though!), nobody could tell me anything about that man–he was too hot to me. I don’t know why, maybe because he could dance (and a man with moves is very attractive), and sing, and he has beautiful lips and a smile that makes me smile! But then he went and lost his temper, ya’ll.

While I tried to defend my appreciation of his music (and why I still had a poster of him), after I saw those photos of Rihanna all battered and bruised, I had to wave the white flag. That and the random Twitter beefs and sending chairs flying out of windows in a rage like it’s normal didn’t impress me either. I’ll always be intrigued and entertained by his performances, but his hotness factor as well as his star factor, has definitely stumbled a bit.


I personally don’t have any real issues with this man, but I know many women who snapped the hell off (through social media) on Tyrese for his comments about independent women winding up alone. As if we want anymore dating advice from celebrity men, right? After claiming that black women “in particular” are on an independent kick (which I wouldn’t disagree with 100 percent), some ladies were definitely perturbed. I still think he’s pretty good looking, but he might want to save his supposed expertise on black women and just sing–and look good doing so. You’ve still got some swexy Ty!

The Old Spice Guy – Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah. Haven’t you seen Good Hair? School Daze? Well, you should rent those movies, because if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s go THERE about women’s hair. And by going there, I mean using the term, “good hair.” When revealing the qualities he is looking for in a future mate, he said an athletic woman will do (sounds good), who is honest (say that again), and has good hair (*record skips*). I understand preference, but what is that all about? The spokesman-turned-model even went as far as to say that her hair has to be “real” good hair because he wants his kids to have nice hair. Ouch. Mustafa later apologized for his comments, but boy, were women-folks up in arms. Mustafa apologized for his remarks, but you know how people are. Once it’s out there, it’s out there, and that’s not hot Isaiah!

Eric Benet

Back in the day, before we knew Eric Benet as a mate of Halle Berry and more as a musician, he was pretty fly. Well, not “fly” per se, but he had that bohemian swag going on with his dreads and just plain ‘ol hotness thanks to some fab facial features and good bone structure. And face it, if he would have singed the song “Spend My Life With You” for you, you would probably have melted. But after it was reported that Benet and Berry’s marriage fell apart in part to his numerous infidelities due to a sex addiction, it all went downhill from there. Benet is still a good looking guy with a beautiful voice and what not…but yeah…no thank you.


When Fa-bo-lo-us first came out not too long ago, he was pretty cute and a little too cool for school–even with the chipped tooth (never stopped Nas from being hot). And when he rapped songs like “So Into You” with Tamia, he almost had us fooled into thinking he was a sweetheart. But after watching the mother of his son, Love & Hip-Hop star Emily Bustamante, almost have a emotional breakdown on every episode of the show last season because he wouldn’t acknowledge her or their relationship (on top of the serial cheating), the cuteness he once possessed became a whole lot of trife-ness. Allegedly cheating on your girl while she is pregnant with your child is never hot Fab. Never. And with Kimbella???

Isaiah Washington

Another Isaiah!? Sure, Isaiah Washington has never really been the drop dead gorgeous guy, but his acting skills and his demeanor (and the world’s love for Grey’s Anatomy) made him pretty popular and attractive too. But a gay slur? That’s never hot, nor is it nice. While having a heated argument with Grey’s co-star Patrick Dempsey, Washington says he dropped the F-bomb (the other one) and co-star T.R. Knight ran and claimed the slur was aimed at him. You know how to fix situations like these? Don’t use words like that in the first place. Homeboy lost his awesome job on the show and a whole lot of hotness points. Sorry Sai Sai…

Taye Diggs

So a few of my co-workers wanted me to let you all know that yes, Taye Diggs needs to be on this list. And NO, it has nothing to do with how they feel about his dating preferences. It’s just that,  aside from being sooooo fine in How Stella Got Her Groove Back back in the day, since then, my colleagues say that Diggs has proven himself to be pretty…uh…corny. There, I said it. The man is corny, and a tad bit bitter. And the fact that he spends so much time defending his relationship and blaming black women for his projects not being as successful as he would like probably doesn’t help. Why so angry with us Taye? I think many women would go for the actor circa 1998, but nowadays, meh, not so much.

Gary Dourdan

Back when Gary Dourdan was playing Shazza Zulu on A Different World, he was kind of was the beez-neez (aka, hotness). The green eyes were smoking, he was cool, and he was on A Different World, hello! Who didn’t love that show!? But as time has passed and his glory days of playing Warwick Davis on CSI have passed as well, we’ve heard more and more about this talented guy being arrested for drug possession and recently, for allegedly breaking his girlfriend’s nose. That makes me sad. Gary! We were supposed to get married back in ’93, what happened to you? Looks like I dodged that bullet…kidding!


Don’t lie! You know at the beginning of the new millennium, you and everyone else were doing a double take for DMX. He had that bad boy, rough around the edges thing going that a lot of women folk fall for, and his raps were pretty official back then. Now if you type in his name in Google Images, one of his many mug shots will pop up, and that struggling face is the DMX we see today. There were so many people checking for him back in his Belly days and when his career was at its height that it’s kind of disappointing to see him go in and out of jail like he has over the years. And it wasn’t a good look that he was out having multiple children outside of his marriage. But now that he’s back out and getting his good Samaritan on, who knows, a comeback and an increase in swexy could be in order? But I wouldn’t hold my breath…



Almost forgot this guy! But I can’t. I mean, T.I. is hot, and he’s been hot for a while, but it’s hard not to want to just give this guy the cold shoulder, what with his love for trouble and both he and his wife doing reckless things together. After the second consecutive sentence, it was clear that this guy just really didn’t believe in common sense. But he’s out now, and we’re hoping he will stay out, settle down and do better, because I don’t necessarily mind a bad boy, but damn, not THAT bad. You’re cute, but you have to sit down, boo.

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