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Are you one of those plucky individuals who carry a giant jug of water everywhere you go, with a long, bendy straw attached to it and clipped to your shoulder so you always have water at a moment’s notice? And yet, do you still always feel thirsty? That can certainly be frustrating, and even a little scary. Chronic dehydration can have consequences that range from ones of vanity, like lackluster hair and flaky skin, to more serious ones, like malfunctioning organs and heat stroke. If you feel regularly dehydrated but feel you’re doing everything you can to mend the issue, don’t ignore it, and don’t keep trying the same remedies. The problem may not be what you’re doing to treat your dehydration but what you’re accidentally doing to cause it. All the water in the world can’t keep up with these bad habits and external factors. Here are surprising reasons you’re always dehydrated.

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You’re drinking just a little alcohol

When you’re going out for a heavy night of drinking, you know you need to work in rounds of water between rounds of shots. But many people don’t know that even that one glass of wine you have at home can dehydrate you. Alcohol not only suppresses your antidiuretic hormone but it also acts as a diuretic, so it dehydrates you two fold. Drinking one drink a night can cause dehydration.







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