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From ex-wives to ex-girlfriends and former mistresses as well as cuddle buddies, these women were constant arm candy for some of music’s biggest stars (oh, and one NBA baller I couldn’t keep out). Some got a ring and went through the most with their men, others just had a good ‘ol time with some high profile people, and well, some had their lives flipped upside down. They were seen everywhere with them at events–and then they weren’t. Where are they now?

The former stylist and model, and of course, daughter of Quincy Jones was allegedly engaged to Tupac before he passed away. Clearly cut from a different cloth than her sister, actress Rashida Jones, Kidada was besties with Aaliyah and was known for helping Tommy Hilfiger’s line of clothing become a must in urban wear. Anywho, after Shakur’s death, during a time of grief, Jones went ahead and got a tattoo of him on her arm. Today though, it has been covered. These days, Kidada is back focused on styling and designing, as she was the force behind Disney Couture and the extension, Kidada for Disney Couture.

These days, when you see Misa Hylton Brim, you probably just think of her as the mother of Diddy’s first-born son, Justin Combs. But some years ago, she was a blonde haired Japanese and Jamaican sistah (allegedly, but it makes sense) popping up in a Biggie video alongside a then-Puff Daddy (now simply known as Diddy). Of course, things didn’t work out in the long run, but Combs and Hylton-Brim have been cool ever since. She went on to marry former A&R for Def Jam, Jojo Brim, and even though they divorced later on, the two had son Niko, and daughter Madison. Hylton-Brim is still getting her stylist on and getting involved in different fashion designing ventures. And oh yeah, she’s a proud mom, as you can see pics of Justin all over her Twitter profile.


Before Kanye was forcing his relationship with Kim Kardashian on the public, and even before he was showing off the most extreme forms of PDA with former arm candy Amber Rose, there was Alexis Phifer. The couple had been dating on and off since West was just known for his production efforts (2002), and were known as a pretty fashion forward duo, especially since West claims Phifer helped him step his fashion game up. But busy touring schedules and possibly even the passing of his mother, Donda West, put a strain on their relati0nship, and though engaged for almost two years, they decided to split. And of course, he made a few tracks about her, it’s what he does. Today, Phifer is still designing for her line, Ghita, and is a stylist. And she only wishes the best for Kanye and doesn’t want the fame that his most recent boos are thirsty for. Our sister site, StyleBlazer, caught up with the beauty.

It all started off so sweet! Lionel Richie and Brenda Richie were head-over-heels in love college sweethearts who took the big jump and got married in 1975. By the early ’80s, they adopted Nicole Escovedo, the daughter of a member of Richie’s band since they were having trouble conceiving together, and things were actually all good. But by the mid to late ’80s, things started to get ugly. Richie started cheating on Brenda with his mistress, Diane Alexander. As the infamous story goes, Lionel and Brenda separated for a short while, and in that time, Brenda caught him and his mistress getting down in a hotel room in Beverly Hills and decided to beat the breaks off of both Lionel and his new lady. They finally divorced in 1993. These days though, Brenda and Lionel are cool, and who knows, they could make things work in the future…you know, since Lionel’s mistress/wife left him high and dry and all…

I’m sure you remember singer Michel’le with her strong vocals. “Something In My Heart” was everybody’s jam. Well, I’m sure you also remember that homegirl had an on again off again relationship with Dr. Dre that lasted from 1990 to 1996. The two went on to have a son together, named Marcel in ’91, but eventually broke things off. While he went off and got married, Michel’le tried to take her career to the next level to no avail by releasing her second album in 1998 with little to no fan fair. Michel’le even married Suge Knight of all people in ’97 while he was in jail, and she has a daughter with him. She is trying to put out new music and even released a promotional trailer for her efforts a while back. Plus, she still performs live around the country.

Charli Baltimore

Rapper Charli Baltimore met the Notorious BIG in ’95 and they began to have a relationship around the time that his marriage with Faith Evans was hitting a hard bump in the road and while at the same time having an affair with Lil Kim. According to VIBE, Faith, who was very aware of their relationship wrote Baltimore off as just the “Illy from Philly” in a radio interview, but clearly, she was much more than that. (He allegedly put a ring on it, not an engagement ring, but a ring nonetheless.) Of course, Biggie passed by ’97 and with the connections he helped her get, she tried to make her way through the hip-hop game. She has dropped a few albums with big gaps of time passing between each one’s production (’98, 2003, 2012, though the last wasn’t released as of yet), and was of course riding with Ja Rule and Murder Inc. Right now, she’s trying to put together a new mixtape and has released a few new singles, including “All Lies” with Maino in May.

Mashonda Tifrere had been dating Swizz Beatz since 1998 before they finally decided to get married in 2004. They had a son, Kasseem Dean Jr., in 2000 and she was in the midst of releasing her first album. However, things went downhill: Her album, January Joy, was only released in Japan and shelved in the U.S. If that wasn’t enough, before her sons first birthday, she found out Swizzy was cheating, something he did often in the duration of their relationship (and he had a daughter with a woman in the UK while they were together). They separated in 2008, and around that time he got involved with singer Alicia Keys, something Mashonda was very hurt by (which caused her to pen an open letter to Keys that she made public…), and the two finally divorced in 2010. Since then, she did a short stint on the show, “Love & Hip Hop” released some mixtapes, and started writing a column for VIBE. There’s no word on if and when she’ll actually get to put out another real live album.

Rappers 2 Chainz and Tyga aren’t the only fellas who love “them” strippers. Drake has a sweet spot for these ladies as well, including dancer Maliah Michel. She appeared in his video for “Find Your Love” and the two started getting really close. But she says that people started getting in his ear about her dancing career and things fell apart after that. She says there are no hard feelings and that she enjoyed the time they shared together. And boy did she move on to the next one fast! Maliah was having a cute little tryst with singer Sean Kingston, but they broke up earlier this year. She’s still dancing, in YouTube videos she posts and at the Diamonds nightclub in ATL, where she can be found getting all kinds of money from people like Ne-Yo.

One night in 1982, Denise Mathews would meet Prince backstage at the American Music Awards, and her life would change forever. For one, her name would become Vanity (because Prince said she was the female version of him), and of course, she would go on to become the leading lady of her own music group, courtesy of her boo, entitled Vanity 6. While she was at the helm, Vanity would bring us the very swexy track, “narsty Girl.” After doing one album, Vanity and Prince parted ways right before he was to start filming Purple Rain, and ish went upside down from then on. Denise Mathews had to leave the shady entertainment business behind after she almost died from an addiction to smoking crack coke with then-boyfriend, Motley Cure bassist, Nikki Sixx. She has since given her life over to Christ and practices evangelism, speaking at churches across the country. She no longer wants ANYTHING to do with the Vanity persona.


Prince clearly had a type…Apollonia, aka, Patricia Kotero, of course picked up where Vanity left off. She appeared in Purple Rain as the lingerie-wearing, high-pitch singing lover, and went on to head what used to be Vanity 6, but turned into Apollonia 6. She and Prince were rumored to be an item of course, and their chemistry in the movie definitely made a possible relationship all the more plausible. But either way, she goes down as Prince’s best known protege…yes, probably even more known than his ex-wife, Mayte Garcia. Today, Kotero owns her own company, Kotero Entertainment to produce films and manage young artists. She still looks great!

Juanita Jordan
Just had to put Jaunita in, even if she’s an NBA ex-wife. The former wife of probably the greatest NBA player to pick up a basketball, Juanita had to withstand a lot in her marriage. Not only was Michael on the road often playing ball, but he cheated on her with a woman named Karla Knafel, who tried to claim he had fathered her child, born in 1991 (he hadn’t). When that drama happened, they had only been married since ’89. But the couple tried to make things work, even after they filed for divorce in 2002. But they again decided to divorce in 2006 and their marriage was dunzo. The mother of three walked away with more than $150 million, continued to be involved in organizations that encouraged investments and growth in the state of Georgia, and aside from going to the press to help her sell her Chicago penthouse, she’s tried to stay out of the public eye.

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