True Life: I’ve Done Crazy Things To Impress People…

July 13, 2012  |  
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If you claim you’ve never done anything to impress anyone then you either have a terrible memory or you’re lying. As human beings it’s natural to seek approval from people we admire or want to like us. Our need to be liked can cause us to do some crazy things. We took to our trusty Facebook followers to find out what were some of the off the wall things they’ve done to impress folk. Take a look.

Shaleith: Busted out the windows in their car…..they was impressed

Tamu: Purchased an expensive car

Renada: Streaked

Deborah: Told him I was 21 when I was so I could drink at the bar.

Ananya: I bought a Mercedes off of my dad’s credit card then crashed it…..daddy was pissed

Sand: Gave my bf a sexay lap dance in a dance club packed with people. Some people were staring, but I was too into my little performance to care. He was very impressed, surprised, and damn happy. Keeps wanting me to do it again 😉

Jasmine: My boyfriend at the time wanted me to be more “Comfortable” around him so he wanted me to “BreakWind” Long Story short the after shock wasn’t pretty lol

Audrey: Dancin’ all hard at a club to impress a guy until my tampon fell out 😦


Jerrilyn: Faked an accent. Almost everyone where I’m from has Caribbean ancestry and I desperately wanted to fit in. It was bad…really bad. A horrible mash-up bet. MC Snow the Lucky Charms leprechaun:(

Debra: Went to Hawaii to tan myself dark cause I got tired of an ex calling me Casper. Got sunburned so bad I ran a fever. I don’t give a ish what people say about my color now.

Charlotte: Drove to Ft Knox to impress my bf because he didn’t think I cared. And when I got there he said I must love him And asked me to marry him. Uh no! I was just looking to get away for a weekend. He went to get us some food and I packed up and went home. Haven’t heard from him since. I wonder why???

Katrina: Ran a bunch of credit cards up buying expensive things and 10 years later still in debt!!

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