8 Things We Want To Tell Our Potential Suitors: The First Date No No’s For Men

July 11, 2012  |  
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Have you ever been on a date with a guy and wondered “Where the hell did this guy pick up his dating etiquette from?” First dates are where the real first impressions are made and they can either make or break what could be a blossoming relationship. Sadly, many men don’t even realize where they go wrong. Check out this list of things that most women wish to communicate to their potential suitors prior to our first date.

1. Don’t text or talk on your phone

Okay, the occasional and brief call or taking care of some random emergency is one thing, most women are level-headed and understanding. We know things happen. Now, to continuously answer your phone, send text messages, post Facebook statuses and hold extended conversations on a first date is downright rude. Hold those phone calls until the date is over, please. That’s just common courtesy.

2. Don’t talk about sex 

Bro, I’m gonna need you to listen and listen good. The absolute worst thing that you can do on a first date with any respectable woman is talk about sex. If she decides to initiate that conversation that’s one thing, but even then, proceed with caution. Other than that talking about sex isn’t cool, be a gentlemen. Mentioning sex on a first date will either make you seem like a creep, a jerk who is only after one thing, or a fifteen year old boy who is not used to getting any. Besides, the truth is it makes us uncomfortable. So, if you want there to be a second or a third date, save the erotic conversations for later.

3. Don’t talk about money

Alright, as women we do want a man who is money conscious, but we don’t want to hear you brag about about how much you make, your banging retirement plan, or your genius investments; at least, not on the first date anyway. Nobody likes a showoff, besides you want her to be attracted to the person that you are, not what you have. On the flip side of that, we don’t want to hear you whine or complain about your lack of money or how you’re struggling to make ends meet, either. Another somewhat uncomfortable topic that simple isn’t first date conversation, so save your financial profile for later.

4. Don’t talk about your ex

Look honey, this is a date, not a therapy session. If you feel the need to discuss your ex, phone a friend or go talk to Jesus. A first date is not the time to mull over your last relationship. I do understand that sometimes past relationships seem to naturally surface with that annoying yet, infamous question “So, why are you single,” but please don’t use this as a noose to hang yourself and go all “waiting to exhale” on your date, ranting or raving about your ex. Honestly, it is downright rude. The point of a first date is for you to get to know the woman seated across from you, not to take a stroll down memory lane. Get your mind right!

5. Don’t act hesitant to pick up the bill

Nothing kills a mood faster than a man looking like a deer caught in the headlights when the check comes around. If you invited her out, it’s expected that you will be footing the bill. The longer you hesitate, the more awkward things become. First dates can awkward, so don’t make it more awkward by not handling your business.

6. Don’t stare at other women

Okay, besides the fact that it’s just extremely rude to stare down other women while in the company of another, it is also first date suicide. First dates are like test drives and even though you may not be able to tell, she’s watching your every move. Trust me. If she even thinks she saw you checking another woman out you’ve last major points.

7. Don’t drink too much

Women like a man who knows how to practice self-control. A first date is not the appropriate time to get pissy drunk, sorry. You should be 100% coherent and alert. Besides nobody wants to deal with that all night.

8. Don’t talk too much about work

If she’s out on a date with you it probably means she has some level of interest in you and wants to learn more about you, so by all means share with her what you do for a living. Just don’t dwell on the subject too long. No one wants to be on a date that feels like a business meeting.

Jazmine Denise is a New York City based Lifestyle & Relationship writer. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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