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Earlier this week I wrote a piece on the perils of being a black woman. They are very real issues; but for all the drama I, and I’m sure quite of few others, wouldn’t trade being a black woman for anything in the world. Why? Well because even though society, and even our own communities, don’t always appreciate us, there are perks and privileges to being a black women. There are countless benefits but check out this short list.

Survivor’s Spirit 

No one can tell us that black women haven’t had to endure a lot. On top of the racism that our brothas have to endure, we also face that challenge of being a woman in a patriarchal and often misogynist society. But instead of using our status at the bottom of the totem pole as a deterrent, black women have consistently found a way to rise above. You’ve got to love that about us.

Sense of community

Have you ever been in a crowded place, a university classroom, or the supermarket and you make eye contact with another black woman and almost instantly there was a smile and a shared kinship. I know some of you are lost right now. You might have to skip onto the next point. But for the women who know what I’m saying it’s nice to be in the clique. Sure, all women aren’t warm and welcoming but it’s nice to know that there are people out there who identify with you without even knowing your name.

Support of black men

Some of you may call support or loyalty toward black men a burden. Some of you may have shirked it off, asserting that you can’t and won’t deal with it anymore. That’s fine, to each her own; but in my opinion, in a country where we’ve witnessed first-hand the abuse, disenfranchisement and downright hatred directed at black men, it’s nice to be the people they can turn to for support and encouragement. Now, if he doesn’t want from a black woman, so be it; we can’t force anyone. But for the brothas that do need and want that encouragement, it’s nice to be able to offer that, in the context of a romantic or platonic relationship.

The curves

As a girl, I always found it alarming that white women on television would complain about their big butts? First of all the booty is a blessing and second of all, what butt? Oh, wide equals big. Ok. I see. But those were the old days before J-Lo made it big and women started running out trying to buy booty pops. Black women had the booty, the thick thighs, and the child-birthing hips naturally, no purchase required.

Black don’t crack

Some of you may still think this is a myth. But a quick comparison of your family members, friends and even celebrities will prove that the black woman does not age like other women. If you still doubt, you should know that studies are starting to find that the melanin which is responsible for our darker hue, also protects against the effects of aging. You’ve got to believe it!

The Legacy

Even though we weren’t even considered in the original conceptualization, black women have provided perfect examples of the American Dream. If you ever needed examples of a people who’ve lifted themselves up by the boot straps (even when we didn’t have boots) and made something of themselves, it’s black women. In addition to the names we know Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler, Zora Neale Hurston etc., there are women like my mother, your mother, my grandmothers, the women in your family and countless other black women whose names will never receive the recognition they deserve, that have all contributed greatly to our shared legacy. And for that it’s an honor to be a part of the group.

These aren’t the only benefits. What’s the greatest thing about being a black woman?

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