Clothes That Don’t Fit and 7 Other Black Girl Problems

June 20, 2012  |  
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Today my little sister tweeted that she can never find shorts that fit her. I felt her pain. This is a story women of color, particularly black women, know all too well. As much as we all love to be black women, in all of our glory, our splendor, and our downright sexiness, there are particular challenges that come along with being a black woman in America. Do you know what I’m sayin’? If not, take a look at the struggles and let us know in the comments section, whether or not you can relate.

Speaking your mind without being dubbed the angry black woman

Not only are women often regarded as second-class citizens in the workplace but black women have the additional burden of being stereotyped as being naturally confrontational. If you have an opinion at work you better hope and pray that your co-workers are cool enough to take it as just that and not a threat to their safety.
The fact that your hair can speak for you before you ever open your mouth

No other race has the “privilege” of having their hair, as it naturally grows out of their heads, represent some type of political statement. But black women, who decide to wear their hair naturally are viewed as angry (there’s that word again), revolutionary, or even lazy, not caring if their hair looks unkempt.

Flesh Colored Band-Aids

This is really not a life-altering issue but if you’ve ever looked for a flesh-colored band-aid, good luck. You’re better off trying to find a see through one. I guess the bandage makers don’t think people of color injure themselves.
Having to sleep with something on your hair for optimal results in the morning

One thing that the movies, even black ones, frequently misrepresent is the fact that black women with freshly or perfectly done hair, usually don’t just lay down on the pillow and drift off to sleep. You can try that if you want to but if you want to save the money you just spent, you need to go ahead and wrap it up, otherwise the creases will have you looking crazy.

Having your singleness being the obsession of mainstream media

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that black women aren’t the only women who are single. But for whatever reason, our singleness makes for the perfect media fodder. A couple of years ago, that’s all the news stations were talking about it and all the bloggers were writing about it. What is that about?
Struggling to find an accurate representation of yourself on tv

Some of you saw Love and Hip Hop Atlanta last night. You watched it but did you see yourself represented in any of the characters cast members? With our good tv shows either being canceled, watered down on new networks, or not pulling in enough ratings, it’s a rare occasion when black women can see accurate…or at least diverse portrayals of the people we truly are.  Honestly, though, some of this is our own fault.
Being given the side eye by your family, friends, or random strangers for “talking white” or liking things that black women just “shouldn’t” like.

How many times have you expressed a true interest in something only to have other black people tell you, “You’re weird” or “Black girls don’t do that.” As many stereotypes that are forced upon us from other races, there are just as many forced upon us from within our own. Like what you like. Speak how you feel most comfortable. Be you, regardless of others may say. Life is too short to please people anyway.

So ladies, what other challenges come with being a black woman?

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