It Must Be the Money: 7 Swag-Based Celeb Crushes That We Don’t Understand

June 19, 2012  |  
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“I don’t see it.” That’s exactly what I say each time the following names are brought up in a conversation about hot men in Hollywood. While many women, even followers of this site, swear up and down that these brothas are delicious and could “get it,” I’m always reading their comical comments, scratching my head and thinking, “Wow…really?” I’m a fan of most of these individuals, but you won’t see me throwing my panties at the computer screen for ’em. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?


Ever since Beyoncé upgraded this brotha, people have been saying for years that he’s got it going on. Got what going on and in what way you ask? I can’t say 100 percent, but you can probably blame it on June Ambrose who made him re-evaluate his fashion choices, and the business sense he cultivated on his own, which helped him reach an audience outside regular hip-hop fans, invest in NBA teams, push a fashion label, be the head at Def Jam for a while and more. That in turn helped him rake in more and more money, and a lot of women find a man good with money to be attractive. For the most part, he seems to be a pleasant and sweet character, especially when he’s with his lady and baby girl. But all that talk of “Jay is looking good as hell right now!” just because he put a fitted cap on evades me…

Young Jeezy

Love his charisma, flow and energy with those famous ad-libs (“Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!”), but when I look at Jeezy, sex is not what I see. Maybe swag, he’s got a lot of that. But I’ve read countless blogs where women swoon over the rapper and his deep voice, huge shades, bald head and sideburns (okay, so with facial hair he’s kind of cute…). Case in point: “Boy, if I were into roughnecks Jeezy would certainly be my first choice. Sooooo swexy and that VOICE!” Somebody fan that woman. He’s got something going on that works for many women, how about you?


Rick Ross

I’m sure you saw this guy coming, right? I’ve heard more women laud the swag of Rick Ross than I expected when he debuted not too many years ago singing “Every day I’m hustlin.” I guess because back then he wasn’t wearing lavish silk shirts, loads of chains and toting himself as the unofficial spokesperson for Maybachs. But these days it doesn’t surprise me when I find some of my fellow sistas saying things like this: “I too want rick ross badly. If he was a regular Joe he could still get the box lmao” Okay, so that was an extreme example with the whole box reference, but you know you’ve heard women say they want to rub his belly, touch his beard, or most of all, have him take them shopping to buy ’em a bag a or two (that’s probably the biggest thing attracting these admirers). Not only does money seem to make the world go ’round, but it can get rappers with boobs a plethora of panty draws.



Depending who you ask, Drake is either mad swexy, or he looks like a sloth. I’m part of the in-between crew that thinks while Drake is not bad looking, he’s definitely not all that either. But tell that to the folks getting tattoos of his name on their foreheads and those who tell the world that he could get it. This swag he’s taken upon himself since joining Young Money has brought him the appeal of a number of young ladies. It could also be the awkward fashion sense, what with his satin shirts, puffy leopard North Face jackets, batting gloves and old man sweaters and glasses. Or it could be the singing he likes to do from time to time, and don’t forget the sensitivity he used to be known for showing as an emo rapper. No matter what it is, he’s got somebody swooning out there.


Waka Flocka Flame

Seriously, I’m not lying about folks having a thing for this brotha, tattoos, blank stare and all. There’s even a Yahoo! question and answer that asks, “Question, why is Waka Flocka so d*mn sexxiiii?” and some of the responses include the following: “LOL OMG I don’t know why but that motherf****r is FINE!! He is so damn Hot! But he is such an idiot… lol… as long as he doesn’t talk, I can get with him ;-)” Sad when you need someone to keep their mouth closed to find them attractive, but such is the case for this not too bright fella who likes math, all things Brick Squad and PETA (crazy, right?). If that ad doesn’t make you want to lose your lunch…But anywho, he’s not THAT bad looking at all, but I just can’t get with a brotha with the stage name Waka Flocka Flame. That’s the best you could come up with???


Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Folarin’s music, but I’ve seen folks on this site ask for him to be Evening Eye Candy, and I’m sorry, but I just don’t see that happening. He could rap “Lotus Flower Bomb” to me any day but he’s just another guy I don’t get sex from. My co-worker says his locs don’t frame his face well, but I attribute my indifference to his looks to the fact that he looks constipated in most of his Google Images photos, but I’ll just keep lusting over Idris and let the young gyals drool over him. But hey, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a dope lyricist though…


Lil Wayne

Of course, there are many women who lust after the self-proclaimed martian who’s covered in tattoos, piercings and often times…jeggings. His long money, “I don’t give a __” attitude and explicit lyrics regarding his love of getting it in is what keeps many ladies thirsting for him. A young lady I went to high school with was even seen bent over dancing for him at New Year’s party (via YouTube) thinking she was going to get chose because his swag was so irresistible and her dress was oh so short and tight. Too bad his crew wound up pouring juice and alcohol all over her. I don’t get it, but this squeaky-voiced man managed to get Toya, Nivea and Lauren London to be down. Yeah, it’s definitely a miracle what a boatload of swag (and a big bank account) can do for a guy.

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