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Looking back on it, I can’t really tell you why Diddy did “Making The Band” II and III. After seasons upon seasons and hours and money spent trying to rack up good talent, Diddy disbanded the groups he put together with his bare hands (with the exception of Day 26, who are still together, minus Que, on another label). Maybe he stuck with it because the drama in doing so racked up massive ratings through MTV. But when the shows were going, we were all in. From the random weekly fights, to shut-down studios, crazy den mothers, tears, fears and folks who let the fame go to their heads, every aspect of Bad Boy’s time with the MTV show was entertaining, yet sad at the same time (probably because we knew with Diddy, these kids weren’t going to make it…). Either way, in the process, we met a slew of charismatic characters who weren’t afraid to show America not only their talents, but who they really were, good or bad, and they also were able to say they dropped an album or two under the helm of the legendary Bad Boy Records. Where are they now?

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Sara Stokes

The R&B singer of the gritty group, Stokes was the big-haired chick with the decent voice, and on the show, she came off as the lone sane person in a house full of fighting wackjobs. Or so we thought…

Sadly, when the show ended, Stokes found herself doing a lot of fighting in her personal life with her husband, the very crazy Tony Stokes. The brother clearly has an issue with women as he got into a heated argument with Sara’s band mate Babs during the show, and we all know that he did his share of falling out with the other members as Stokes and her husband tried to push the group to do more pop music than rap. In 2009, Stokes was arrested on domestic abuse charges for stabbing Tony, allegedly in front of their children. Her infamous mugshot showed her looking very bruised and a bit bloody. And though that sounds scary and mad crazy, lawyers for the couple claimed, they were playing around and having, “fun.”As their lawyer, Eric Kayira said:

“Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”

Lucky for her, Stokes served no jail time for the incident. But if that wasn’t enough, Stokes’ husband was arrested in 2011 for getting in a brawl with his wife again, this time with him being arrested for being the aggressor. Tony Stokes confronted Sara while the couple were in Georgia, claiming that she cheated. In the midst of their argument, he allegedly punched and choked her. Crazy in love, much? Aside from all that drama though, Stokes has still tried to make music. She even sued T-Pain not too long ago claiming he cheated her out of royalties for a song they wrote together for Jennifer Hudson. Well…she still looks pretty good, with the exception of those massive enhancements of hers…

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