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Looking back on it, I can’t really tell you why Diddy did “Making The Band” II and III. After seasons upon seasons and hours and money spent trying to rack up good talent, Diddy disbanded the groups he put together with his bare hands (with the exception of Day 26, who are still together, minus Que, on another label). Maybe he stuck with it because the drama in doing so racked up massive ratings through MTV. But when the shows were going, we were all in. From the random weekly fights, to shut-down studios, crazy den mothers, tears, fears and folks who let the fame go to their heads, every aspect of Bad Boy’s time with the MTV show was entertaining, yet sad at the same time (probably because we knew with Diddy, these kids weren’t going to make it…). Either way, in the process, we met a slew of charismatic characters who weren’t afraid to show America not only their talents, but who they really were, good or bad, and they also were able to say they dropped an album or two under the helm of the legendary Bad Boy Records. Where are they now?

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Sara Stokes

The R&B singer of the gritty group, Stokes was the big-haired chick with the decent voice, and on the show, she came off as the lone sane person in a house full of fighting wackjobs. Or so we thought…

Sadly, when the show ended, Stokes found herself doing a lot of fighting in her personal life with her husband, the very crazy Tony Stokes. The brother clearly has an issue with women as he got into a heated argument with Sara’s band mate Babs during the show, and we all know that he did his share of falling out with the other members as Stokes and her husband tried to push the group to do more pop music than rap. In 2009, Stokes was arrested on domestic abuse charges for stabbing Tony, allegedly in front of their children. Her infamous mugshot showed her looking very bruised and a bit bloody. And though that sounds scary and mad crazy, lawyers for the couple claimed, they were playing around and having, “fun.”As their lawyer, Eric Kayira said:

“Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”

Lucky for her, Stokes served no jail time for the incident. But if that wasn’t enough, Stokes’ husband was arrested in 2011 for getting in a brawl with his wife again, this time with him being arrested for being the aggressor. Tony Stokes confronted Sara while the couple were in Georgia, claiming that she cheated. In the midst of their argument, he allegedly punched and choked her. Crazy in love, much? Aside from all that drama though, Stokes has still tried to make music. She even sued T-Pain not too long ago claiming he cheated her out of royalties for a song they wrote together for Jennifer Hudson. Well…she still looks pretty good, with the exception of those massive enhancements of hers…

Dylan Dilinjah

I’m sorry, but every time I think of this cat I have to think of Dave Chappelle pretending to be him on “Chappelle Show”: “Name the five best rappers of all time: “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, because I spit hot fire!”

Of course, Dylan clearly thought very highly of his talents as a lyricist with a love for the reggae sound, and while the fans loved watching his hot mess of a’ self, the rest of the band wasn’t too fond of his narcissism and rebellious streak. Add to the fact that homeboy had a thing for not showing up to take care of his responsibilities with the group and that makes Diddy an unhappy camper. After the group was disbanded, Dylan was quick to throw shade at Diddy. He did so with an album called Life After Diddy, and aired his differences with Mr. Combs through a track called “Dear Diddy.” Oh, okay. He also did a remix of Usher’s “Daddy’s Home” and can be kept up with thanks to his blog. He’s still releasing music videos and tracks, has a video vlog and is still waiting to release an album he’s been working on for a while called No Regrets. He’s definitely talented, but if he doesn’t make it big, he can always share with his kids the highlight of his career…that he was infamous enough to be played perfectly by Dave Chappelle!

Babs Bunny

When the group was disbanded by the D, the I, the D, Babs was one of the three individuals Diddy pretended to see something special in and try to keep on Bad Boy (sounds just like how he did Dawn Richard of Danity Kane). The rant-loving diva and fire-spitter was to be part of a duo with Philly rapper Ness, and take the world by storm. However, the two never released an album under the label, and she eventually parted ways with Diddy and Bad Boy for good.

After the fact, Babs became chummy with other slighted female rappers, including Amil, as well as the very talented Lady Luck and Lady of Rage, and the three women tried to create a rap group called FEM (Females Earning Money). Sadly, that fell through and the Babs is said to be back in Brooklyn creating mixtapes to get her voice heard. There was even word that she was trying to put together another female rap group called The Squad, but there’s no word if those plans actually came to fruition. Even if she doesn’t blow up outside the Da Band, I think we can all agree she held her own with the boys.


Young City…Aka, Chopper

This fella right here hasn’t had too much luck since Da Band ended. While Diddy kept the New Orleans rapper on board with Bad Boy South, and he even dropped a record, he says he left because money was getting funny from the big man, and he needed it to come through for his family after Hurricane Katrina.  After that, he was temporarily courted by Birdman and Cash Money, but after a falling out with Weezy, all talks were put to an end. He started his own record company, MOE (Money Over Everything), but caught a lot of legal charges in the process, including trouble for a robbery he was part of as a teen, and for threatening a man with a gun in 2008 (smart move…). After copping probation, Chopper kept releasing a slew of mixtapes and performing, making a good amount of money according to him. As he said to MTV in 2011, “People want to know how I got a Lamborghini, how I got a Maserati and I’m not in the public eye. That’s because I don’t give up.” And it’s all those lavish things that sadly got the rapper shot in an apparent robbery attempt in Chicago. Via his Twitter he said:

 Does it Chop Chop?


This Philly rapper was the lone man on the island that was Bad Boy when it was all said and done. As you should have read, he was supposed to be in a duo with Babs,and the two were to be tapped as the “Bonnie and Clyde of hip-hop,” but the two split up to try solo efforts, and she dipped out of Bad Boy soon after. Ness tried to stand by and do writing for Diddy’s successful album Press Play and to this day, it’s not clear if he’s still on the label. It’s clear that he hasn’t released any music through it though. Ness forayed into the usual mixtape game, including LPs entitled “The Leak” and “Hate Mail” in the process. Though Ness did his share of brawling with member Freddy P, he allegedly has an ongoing feud with Young City. But it’s all love with the rest of the crew, as Ness was recently seen in a video making music with Babs Bunny in 2011.

Freddy P

Another feisty personality on the show, Freddy P came off as a very mellow character in his confessional-based interviews, but talk crazy to him, and like most castmembers on the show, he would be ready to box. But aside from that, the rapper (whose voice and rapping style sounded a lot like Mystikal) had some crazy skills lyrically. But when the group was disbanded he also tried to make music with Lil Wayne and Young Money to no avail, and since then he’s been trying to get on a sturdy label. Last time he did an interview in 2011 he said he was signed to Bmajor Music, had released the mixtape Ski Mask Cash and was working on another joint called Me Against the World. But like the rest of the members of the group, he hasn’t blown up the way he should have.

Aundrea Fimbres

The soprano with arguably the smoothest vocal talents of the group, Fimbres was the first member to be brought into the house. She went through mad drama throughout the show, including having to deal with a sheisty boyfriend and catching hell from the “den mother” of their home, Jason. Add to the fact that even though she and fellow member Aubrey O’Day started off as damn near sisters, by the end of the show, O’Day’s decisions to be involved in too many extracurricular activities put a rift between the women. Near the end of the show, Fimbres and Dawn Richard tried to stick around to see if another group could be formed with their talents, but in the end, she was released from her contract with Bad Boy. Since then, she released music online, and even patched things up enough with O’Day to appear both on a track called “Ego Trip” with her, but to also make an appearance on O’Day’s reality show. But at the end of her guest appearance, she claimed she wanted to be done with the music business altogether. Despite that statement, Fimbres started touring with a Latin/R&B/Soul group called Soto in 2010, and became executive producer of a reality competition show called “Next Big Thing Talent Show” this year.

Aubrey O’Day

Of course we know O’Day as the rebellious member of Danity Kane. At a time when Diddy wanted to direct their image more closely, she was trying to look big Hollywood glamour with large weaves, revealing clothing and a face full of makeup. And if that wasn’t enough, her wealth of side jobs and risque magazine spreads threatened the unity of the group and conflicted with their shows and more. In the end, Diddy cut her behind from the group, which was the beginning of the end for the whole group.

Since then, O’Day has been trying her hand at acting, and has been trying to also embark on a solo career. To give fans an inside peek into that, she had a reality show on Oxygen for a short time called “All About Aubrey.” She also released a song called “Automatic,” and recently said she would release an EP at the end of 2012 (don’t hold your breath). If that weren’t enough, she also showed up on “Celebrity Apprentice” where she caught a lot of heat and criticism from the show’s winner, Arsenio Hall. She ended up being in third place during her time as a contestant. And if you were trying to be in tune with her tunes, you might be excited to know that she’s just released a new single called “Wrecking Ball” that’s blowing up the “Intanetz”…or something like that.

D. Woods

I high key believe that D.Woods got axed from Danity Kane for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and opening up her mouth at the wrong time. When it looked like she was saying that folks weren’t happy with the group and situation they were working in, Diddy told her she could get gone too. After the group parted, D.Woods and Dawn Richard had somewhat of a small beef over what Richard was expressing to the media about DK’s break up. As she said in an interview: “People are in each other’s lives for a reason and a season, as they say! So there’s no reason to hold any grudges. Um, however – the way that you present yourself, the actions you take, the comments that you make can lend themselves to having a ‘beef’ or having animosity.” It’s not clear if things were worked out, but clearly they’ve moved forward. Thanks to her sister Shanell being a member of Young Money (as a singer too), D.Woods has appeared in videos with Lil Wayne and Young Money as a crew. She’s also done some features and tried to release a few singles and an album, but as usual, it’s not as easy to make it big on the solo tip.

Shannon Bex

The lone married member of Danity Kane, Bex was quiet and comforting, often looked at like the “mother” of the group. When O’Day and Woods were kicked out, Bex was the only member left over who wasn’t down with the idea of sticking around with new girls brought into the group, so she packed her ish and went back to her husband. She expressed her interest in possibly doing a country music album after the fact. She tried to be part of a new group called Bex that she helped form, but they disbanded before releasing any new music. Since then, Bex started a fundraising campaign to help her raise money to produce and distribute an album independently, and thanks to the effort, so far she’s been able to release a single on iTunes called “I’m Out.” That’s about it for now though…

Dawn Richard

For anybody who watched the show, the very sweet Dawn Richard didn’t come off too sweet when it was all said and done. Many fans of Danity Kane tried to make Richard seem like the reason the group was disbanded, and that her work with Diddy on a possible solo project and his own projects made her a troublemaker in the group. After the group was done, Richard stayed on board for Bad Boy, writing songs for folks like Cassie and even Diddy, and by 2009, she started working with Diddy to bring together Dirty Money, which wound up being Diddy-Dirty Money. Of course, after years of stalling, the group (with Kalenna Harper) put out The Last Train to Paris, and that was it. That group also split up, and after Richard was asked to wait around to release a solo effort, she decided she couldn’t and finally parted ways with Bad Boy. Since then she’s been releasing mixtapes and is prepping for the release of a trilogy of albums, entitled “GoldenHeart,” “BlackHeart” and “RedemptionHeart.” She’s dropped a few videos in the process, including “SMFU (Save Me From U)” and “Bombs” and she’s releasing a video for the new single “Automatic” soon. She’s working as an independent artist and is definitely on her grind and underrated. And oh yeah, if you were wondering, she’s no longer messing with Que, formerly of Day26. Thank goodness…

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