LIVIN’ LARGE! Celebs Who Made It BIG By Being BIG

June 16, 2012  |  
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The entertainment industry is clear on one thing: If you’re a woman, you need to be thin and if you’re a man you must be in shape to make a living and be successful.  But these entertainers took matters into their own hands and actually made a living – in part or in full – based on being overweight. Check it out!

Heavy D

Yes, he was the “overweight lover” and we loved every part of Heavy D!  The thing about Heavy was that although he always made it known (and you could see) that he was a big guy, he also showed how smooth he was, how well he dressed…and how great he danced! We lost him a few months ago and we’ll always miss him.



When Mo’Nique was at the height of her career, all you heard was “Skinny Beyotches are evil!”  All of her stand-up acts consistently took shots at slim women and almost any movie or television show she was in gave Mo the opportunity to define herself as “big, beautiful and loving it.”  Nowadays. Mo’Nique isn’t speaking those same words because she’s tweeting pictures of herself everyday working out and dropping the pounds. Hey, once you make the money off of something I suppose it’s time to move on.

The Fat Boys

Back in the day when hip-hop was just for fun, there were The Fat Boys. There was nothing Hot about them, they weren’t trying to be the best trio of rappers out and didn’t have a care in the world. No, they just wanted to do playful rap…and eat.  Sadly, in 1995 group member Buff Love died at age 28 of a heart attack and reportedly weighed 450 pounds.  The remaining members have lost some weight and allegedly, they’re still trying to stage a reunion with a third member.



The Weather Girls (or Two Tons O’ Fun)

If you’re too young to recognize the group name, you know their hit song that still rings off at certain parties: “It’s Raining Men.”  Their original group name was Two Tons O’ Fun because they were big women.  Even now, decades later, Martha Wash still makes her money from being known as the big woman who can sang (never forget that both of those ladies could blow) and celebrated men.


Jonah Hill

When Jonah hit Hollywood, he was loved because he was – and let’s be blunt here because all the blogs said it – the “funny fat guy.”  He could get movie roles left and right because he looked and acted like a fun guy.  Then Jonah decided to lose weight and the only notable movie we’ve seen him in at a smaller size is Moneyball. So now what? Well, recent pictures have surfaced and it looks like Jonah is back to his original size. I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Right?


Notorious B.I.G.

Listen, maybe some of us will never understand how it could have happened but women loved Biggie.  Do you remember how Kim and Faith used to fight over him? Remember when Charli Baltimore got involved?  They would even tell you, “He was fat and ugly but…there was something about him.” B.I.G. knew that and used it to his advantage to get the love of the ladies up until his death in 1997.



Hear me out first before you e-cut me!  No, Oprah isn’t as overweight as the rest of the people on the list. But on her talk show, Lady O faced and fought her weight during many seasons. It helped her ratings skyrocket. When she would lose weight, viewers knew they could do it too. When she gained it back, viewers knew they weren’t alone in the fight against the fat.  So yes, she absolutely used her weight to give her an even bigger boost in her empire (this is not to say that she wouldn’t have the Queendom without it). Oprah just decided within the last year that she wouldn’t worry about her weight anymore. She looks great to me anyway.

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