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A wise man once said that if you take the amount of time a couple has been together and divide it by two, you’ll get the amount of time that they’ve been breaking up. A relationship never just ends the moment both parties agree to go their separate ways. Just as it takes time for a bond to be formed, it also takes time for a bond to be broken. Women are infamous for holding onto relationships well after they’ve started falling apart, even if they themselves have checked out of the relationship. Here are a few signs that you’ve done just that.

Communication has severely slowed down or ceased

Remember the days where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the flowers were blooming all because your man just called to say “I Love You”? You know the days where you couldn’t take two steps without texting him all of the significant as well as insignificant details of your day? Now that those days are long gone and you can barely recall the last time you’ve spoken to your significant other for more than five minutes (and done so without arguing), it may be time to reassess the relationship. Women are big on communication, and if you could care less about chatting it up with your man after a while, chances are you’ve checked out.

You’re entertaining male suitors a little more than usual

There was a day when you’d shut down any man trying to get next to you, letting it be known that you are in a committed relationship and uninterested. You now find yourself laughing a tad harder at their jokes, being a bit more flirty at the bar, and even accepting a phone number or two. You also begin justifying your actions by telling yourself, “There’s nothing wrong with meeting people and making friends.” That’s right, girl. “Friends.” *Does severe side eye*

You no longer desire to be touched by him

Someone once said, “Affection is the glue that holds relationships together.” Whether it be intimate touching or an affectionate embrace, when a touch from your man is no longer desired and the thought of being alone with him is no longer exciting, it’s clear that you’re not feeling him like you used to.

You are no longer willing to compromise

Healthy relationships are comprised of an even balance of give and take. No one person can get everything that they want all of the time. When you are no longer willing to meet your man halfway and find yourself becoming more and more stubborn when it comes to issues that arise in your relationship, you may want to consider throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

Admiration turns into disgust and resentment

The things you once found hot about him do nothing but turn you off and the characteristics that you once admired are now extremely annoying. When it seems as if he can do nothing right and you begin to question why you were ever into him in the first place, your feelings have obviously changed. Don’t be cruel. Just let him know what’s really going on and how you’re really feeling.

You’re no longer willing to fight

As strange as it may sound, passion is normally what drives arguments. While constant bickering is unhealthy, some arguing is good because it shows that both parties are still emotionally invested. When you find that your guy is pouring his heart out or screaming at the the top of his lungs and you are sitting there as cool as a cucumber only offering responses such as “okay” or “whatever,” you’re just about over it. At this point, you could probably care less about getting your point across and having him see things your way. Fighting for a relationship only works when both parties are willing to do so. When you don’t care, that’s not a good thing.

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