Access Denied: 7 Things That Will Get A Guy Fake Digits

May 9, 2012  |  
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Let’s face it. It has to be pretty tough being a guy when it comes to approaching a woman. I barely like calling a guy for the first time, even if he’s initially shown interest in me, so imagine approaching someone not knowing anything about them. This is the dilemma a man is faced with when he musters up enough courage to approach a woman in hopes of walking away with her number.

He has to consider, is she married or single? Does she even like men? Is she going to be rude and standoffish? I’m sure these are only some of the thoughts that run through a man’s mind before he goes in for the digits. So while I attempt to cut guys that approach me some slack and remain cordial despite a possible lack of interest, the fact still remains that most of them won’t get anything but a simple wave before I proceed to keep it moving.

So while I don’t always know the circumstances in which I will exchange numbers with a guy who approaches me, I do know the instances when I won’t. There are often times when I can simply say, ‘I’m not interested’ or ‘I have a man’ and the guy will immediately back off; then there are other times when I may shamefully give fake digits to get him to leave me alone.

Check out this list of seven things that a guy can do that result in either no number of fake digits.


Cat Calling

If a man asking for a number has prefaced his request with a few cat calls, he definitely doesn’t deserve the digits. Not only should he not get the number, you should attempt to walk away as fast as possible. Men who are bold enough to be disrespectful with the way they approach you may be bold enough to do anything…just sayin’.


Accompanied By The The Whole Crew

If he steps to you with Chris, Joe, and the rest of his homeboys around, not only is it just way too much pressure, it’s a really uncomfortable situation that shows a lack of maturity. If a guy wants your number, he should have enough tact to pull a girl to the side, or better yet, tell his homeboys to beat it while he attempts to get your info.


Asking This Question: “Will He Let You Have Friends’?

If I’ve already stated that I’m in a relationship (when I’m not), please don’t proceed to put in your bid. The infamous question “will he let you have friends?’ that some guys ask after you tell them you’re taken is not only disrespectful but appears desperate. I always reverse the question and ask ‘if I were your girl would you want me to become ‘friends’ with some dude I met on the street?’ While they’re looking confused and attempting to muster a comeback, I proceed to walk away.

Played-Out Pick Up Lines

Note to men: ALL pick-up lines are played out. There aren’t those select few that seeped through the cracks of the 90’s and into this decade. No man should utilize a pick-up line. Ever. Unless of course it’s a joke that he even realizes is corny; but even this approach can be tricky. Ultimately most pick-up lines result in no number or fake digits.

Where’s The Introduction?

I once had a guy approach me. Without saying hi or even what’s up, he simply asks ‘hey can I call you?” There was no introduction. He just went in straight for the kill. While I admire the consideration of my time (I can’t stand when you’re rushing and guys want to go into a full conversation about your life), he still could have been a bit more, dare I say, polite? His lack of an introduction showed that he lacked the tact that I would like a potential beau to have.


The Too Persistent Approach aka Being ‘Thirsty’

While some women may like the overly persistent approach, it’s probably considered the ultimate turn-off for most. No one likes to feel pressured, especially from a stranger on the street. So if a woman is constantly walking away, showing no interest, men who continuously try to press the issue for her number appear overly desperate. An overly ‘thirsty’ attitude when approaching a woman is not attractive and can become bothersome really quickly. If a guy continues to ask for a number after a woman has stated that she’s in a relationship, not interested,  or  has even walked away from him at a faster pace, not only is his persistence irritating, it’s borderline scary.

What type of behavior won’t make you give a man your number?

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