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Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I’m so done with the word “swag.” If the NAACP, the SCLC or the NRA decided to have a funeral for another word commonly and overly used in the black community, I’d be the first to nominate “swag” and would be happy to be one of the pallbearers carrying the empty coffin. But for the purposes of this story, swag is the word we’ll use because swag is the word most often associated with Mr. Rick Ross.

I first learned that Ricky Rozay (my nickname of choice for the rapper) had a certain je ne sais quoi over four years ago when my friend, my sister and I took a little road trip to Chicago. We were listening to Ross’ hit song, “Here I Am,” when my friend started unashamedly confessing her love for the overweight rapper. My friend loves to say things, almost anything, to shock people so my sister and I didn’t take her too seriously at first. But she just kept going. Talking about how Ross could get it, how he would show her around Florida and what not. I was driving but eventually I had to partially turn my neck to ask her, “Are you dead serious right now?” And she said she was. No joke.

My sister and I clowned she and her infatuation. Naturally, we mentioned the fact that Rick Ross sounds like he has a fat tongue and that if they ever did get involved, she’d always have to be on top, so as to avoid suffocation. But we also mentioned the fact that maybe her imaginary boo thang wasn’t the best lyricist either. In “Here I Am” Ross says, “A lot of alphabets, girl I’m a G.” We had to ask her, are there a lot of alphabets or are there a lot of letters? It was something she should certainly bring up on their imminent first date. She laughed and conceded that that wasn’t the best line but she wasn’t wavering on her lust for the man. I thought she was off but my friend is a known chubby chaser, with a thang for Floridian men, so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

But with his growing popularity, Ross’ name kept coming up. Random girls would talk about how much they loved the man even after he was seen shirtless, on award shows. I, still not having learned my lesson, would assume they meant his flow, the breathy grunt, his music. (In all fairness, his lyrics have improved since “Here I Am.”) But no, they were talking about Rick Ross and his “swag.” Some of these chicks even had the nerve to ask me, “Don’t you think he’s attractive?” I’d always respond the same way, “I mean his beard is nice and shiny but… no, I don’t see it.”

One day my coworkers and I just so happened to be discussing Ross at work when not one but three of my female co-workers cosigned the notion that they would date Rick Ross if given the opportunity. What was this, a world gone mad? One of the women had even seen him in person and while she admitted that his size was a little intimidating, she wouldn’t write him off. Some of the women admitted that his money made him more attractive but the consensus was that Rick Ross had “it.”

So, I really have no concluding thoughts on this subject of Mr. Ross and his “swag,” other than we can never underestimate the power of attraction, whether it’s about money, confidence, talent or whatever. But I did write this post, just to take a poll, how many of you ladies out there think Rick Ross could, as they say, “get it”? Is he attractive to you? Should he be the next man in our installment of “Evening Eye Candy”? LOL Let a sista know.

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