Black Women Making A Difference via Blogging: For Brown Girls’ Karyn Washington

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Is your site just for black girls, or other racial groups such as Afro Latinas, South Asians, Middle Eastern women, etc?

For the most part, the content is geared toward black girls, because I am one, and that is how I am relating my experiences. But, I realize the effect colorism has on brown girls of other ethnicities and cultures. I make sure to post articles and pictures relating to other ethnicities that are affected by colorism as well. While I don’t specifically address them all the time, the message is universally the same: To love and accept yourself, because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. They too have possibly had thoughts of wishing have a lighter complexion to fit society’s idea of beauty.  I hope to help young girls and women overcome their insecurities. I’ve interviewed one young lady of Indian descent and interacted through the blog with a few others as well. Running the blog gives me the opportunity to learn every day so I do welcome others to share their thoughts and experiences with colorism. The purpose of this blog is to not to discriminate but to uplift and encourage, empower girls to be confident, and embrace the skin they are in. On the blog I seek to recognize beauty in darker skin, discuss experiences and share with one another (whether it be hair/makeup tips, links , articles, poetry, pictures etc.) Unity is key, especially among women. We all need to support and uplift one another.

Explain what your ‘brown skinned girl spotlight is about’?

I really appreciate those who follow the blog and support FBG. It warms my heart see to young ladies excited about the project and to hear that it makes them feel special. I created this spotlight because the blog is for them and I wanted to feature them on it! I ask the girls to fill out a short questionnaire so I and others can get to know them.  In the feature, the girls also share their favorite quote, what they love about themselves and what inspires them. They send that along with their picture to the FBG email. I then format it all in a post and feature the ladies throughout the week on the blog. I also wanted to do something a little different than other blogs which also focus on darker skinned beauty. Instead of just pictures, I want to make sure my blog has substance.

Where do you think this will go in the near future?

I would like for ‘FBG’ to be a catalyst for change encouraging self-love and instilling pride in one’s skin complexion. The movement’s goal will be for new generations of darker skinned girls to not even have one thought of wishing to be lighter, to never doubt their beauty. My hope is for this “issue” to eventually be nonexistent but it does start with us. I’m also hoping I can do my part and make a change to where , darker skinned girls know they are beautiful no matter what anyone says. I want to mentor, do meet-ups and organize events to reach out to girls. I am also working on coming out with a t-shirt line to further enforce these ideas, promoting self-love. The first T-shirt design of my collection is out right now, the “I Love My Shade” Tee. It’s to encourage anyone no matter what complexion they are to love their shade! It’s available for purchase on the site and blog.

Karyn hopes to start fundraising and getting donations for her organization in the near future so she can finance her meet ups and speaking engagements.

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