The Black Snob Sounds Off: The 7 Kinds of Men Who Make Life Miserable For Everyone

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7) The Hype Man: The worst of them all, because he co-signs.

Example? Hopefully not you.

Who is he (or she)? This person is the often not-so-silent partner who allows all these types of horrible people to operate … Even though s/he is often the victim of these same people. S/He doesn’t have whatever they have, but he wants it and he has completely bought into their warped world view. S/He’s the one who argues you were “asking for it” when you were the victim.

Who does he affect? Everyone. Because he convinces men and women that men folk had a meeting and agreed treating people like garbage was “a guy thing.” They give the consent – both in action and in inaction – that the terror others inflict is the fault of the victims. These are the individuals who keep dictators in power, who keep criminals on the streets, who protect those who don’t deserve protection because they believed The Escape Artist, The Egoist, Mr. Contradictions, Big Bully and the Sociopath when they blamed everyone but themselves for their bad behavior. They hide their rottenness under the belief “that’s just how all men are,” when it’s really just how they are. All men don’t skirt their responsibilities or abuse those weaker than them. But these men do. The Hype Man doesn’t realize that in defending these flawed figures (or never speaking up against them) he is condoning and excusing the abuse of himself and others at their hands. He’s the reason why all those others can continue to operate, because people who are “good” don’t stand up against them.

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