The Black Snob Sounds Off: The 7 Kinds of Men Who Make Life Miserable For Everyone

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6) The Sociopath: He doesn’t have a conscience, but is banking on you believing that he does.

Example? Ted Bundy.

Who is he? The guy who can’t love … and thinks you’re a sucker because you can.

Who does he affect? Everyone. While we expect some people to be selfish or jerks or even abusive, we never expect someone to just not have a conscience, because as people with consciences, it’s the last thing we suspect. Sociopaths are master manipulators who destroy lives – both that of women and men – for sport. Without manipulating people, they’re bored … and sociopaths are always bored. Certain male sociopaths will manipulate the rules of “tradition” or “patriarchy” to pervert them for their own amusement. They don’t actually “care” about society or religion or tradition. They’re just screwing with you in the most perverse way possibly because they have nothing better to do. The damage they cause is usually deep – from the abuse and exploitation of those who have loved and trusted them at home and in the workplace, to using manipulation and charisma to take over positions of influence and power and lead entire nations off a cliff. They could be Hitler. They could be your next door neighbor.

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