The Black Snob Sounds Off: The 7 Kinds of Men Who Make Life Miserable For Everyone

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5) Big Bully: They used to laugh at him, but who’s laughing now?

Example? Mister, The Color Purple.

Who is he? Someone once made him feel bad, so now you all have to pay. Maybe it was his father. Or his classmates. Or siblings. Or society. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that makes the pain go away is seeing you feel worse. If that means picking on someone smaller who reminds him of himself, so be it. You shouldn’t have been born “smaller” and “weaker.” He barks that no one ever felt sorry for him. You’re just a punk and he has to destroy you because you’re always “asking for it.”

Who does he affect? Everyone. Bullies are dangerous because they have the ability to take people, particularly those who already feel weaker and self-conscious, and convince them that through their thuggery, they are better than them. How many men and women have worshipped a bully or obsessed over a bully to their own detriment? All they want is someone to control as it is the only way they can feel in control. And you’re “weaker” than him, so you’ll do. He mocks and destroys anyone who retains any behavior he assigns with weakness. If you’re a guy who is honorable and kind, you’re a punk to him. If you’re his woman, you’re “nothing” without him. Big Bullies will often turn other men into Bullies because, again, Big Bully has taught them the only way to not feel like a victim is to become the perpetrator. It’s like getting revenge on your abusive dad by beating the crap out of nerds and your girlfriends.

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