Listen Up Ladies: 7 Things We’d Like to Say to Our Facebook Followers

March 15, 2012  |  
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It was Erykah Badu who spoke some of the realest words when it comes to us creative types, “Keep in mind, that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shyt.” I don’t know if the screaming fans, waiting for her to perform what we now know as “Call Tyrone,” truly understood what it means to showcase your work for public consumption and criticism. It is simultaneously gratifying and nerve-racking. And the stakes are heightened when your work is published on the internet. Why? Because the internet is the land of trolls. Nasty, attention seeking people who get off on spewing absolutely vile words, all behind the guise of an avatar and the protection of a computer screen. You can type virtually anything without consequence.

Even the non-trollish become hostile and emboldened by the lack of person to person interaction. While it would probably be best to ignore the naysayers, meanies and especially the trolls; it’s hard to do so when you put your time, energy and effort into creating an environment where black women reside and reign. One of our editors expressed this sentiment best, “Even if I didn’t agree with a presentation or something one of our Facebook followers created for work, I wouldn’t go up to her job and call it garbage. That’s just rude.” Real.Talk.

All of that being said, or communicated, this article is a rare and honest look into the minds of the artists behind this site, the content we create and why we do what we do, the way we do it. If you read and remember these rules, we guarantee your Madame Noire experience, as well as ours, will be much more enjoyable…

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