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When a man loves a woman (or possibly is just very sprung), you would be surprised the things that he will do for her, even when she doesn’t ask him to do it at all. A prime example of that in Hollywood is when you watch the style of a man transform to fit the mood of his girlfriend. If she dresses dark, all of a sudden black is his favorite color. She’s uber-colorful, he wants to look the same (but in a masculine way…). The men on this list, whether they realize it or not, morphed their style for the ladies they were courting at the time, and the results in some cases were great, while others were a hot mess.

Wiz Khalifa

Mixtape Wiz dressed like most weed-inspired guys, and what I mean by that is, he really did the bare minimum. A hoodie, a New Era fitted hat, baggy pants with his butt all out, and many Pittsburgh inspired pieces–chains, jackets, etc. But ever since he started dating  now fiancée Amber Rose and came out of his “Black and Yellow” stage, he’s been dressing like a snazzy version of the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. From the random blonde streak in his hair to the too tight pants, furry hats, fedoras and rock-inspired attire, this brotha has changed. Can’t say the new look is absolutely horrible, but if he doesn’t put on some socks and stop shopping at Baby Gap for his pieces, I’m going to scream…

Dwyane Wade

Back when he was married, Dwyane Wade dressed like someone who just got handed a big pile of money (and that’s what happened). He wore big caps, bland button ups and just looked like any ‘ol somebody in ill-fitting clothing. But since starting a relationship with actress Gabrielle Union, he must think he needs to live up to her Hollywood lifestyle because he’s become like the go-to fashionister for the NBA. No more random fedoras and weirdly buttoned sweaters. Now, he’s rocking fancy tailored suits and blazers, colorful, form-fitting sweaters, cute geek glasses and some of the tightest fitting pants I’ve seen on a man, but I can overlook that last part. Definitely a positive change.

Kanye West

The man with the ever-evolving style. Way back when, Kanye was rocking bear heads, the occasional bright sweater with a blazer over it, and according to him, some years ago, he couldn’t even pronounce Versace (check out “All Falls Down”). Yet and still, he was ahead of fashion standards as a rapper/producer. But as he acquired more and more statuesque girlfriends with smart and even quirky style, he naturally evolved with them. Alexis Phifer, an on and off longtime girlfriend and designer, had him in variations of gray, brown and black, but playing with accessories and also getting more into major designer labels and fashion houses. And with Amber Rose, let’s just say, he played with his hair (remember that mohawk tail look?) and went for more color, furs and all-around bravado.

Brad Pitt

One of the best examples has to be this gorgeous guy. He’s dated a wide variety of women of all styles and backgrounds, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who he shared a similar hairstyle and minimalist fashion sense with. While married to Jennifer Aniston, he had an easy breezy look like a guy from SoCal with his shorts and bright blonde hair. But now that he’s left her behind for Angelina Jolie, he’s taken on Angie’s kids, her charity efforts and her sense of style. You know how she doesn’t like to wear much but black? That’s now what you can find good ‘ol Brad in. I can’t lie though, they’re hot together.


Beyoncé wasn’t asking when she said, “Let me upgrade you,” because since these two crazy kids started dating more than 10 years ago, his style has been on the up and up. Don’t believe me? Just look at the many jerseys Jigga was wearing and the oversized shirts and clothing he was rocking before and at the beginning of their relationship. He has become more of a suit and tie, leather jacket wearing, long-scarf toting kind of guy. And yes, you could possibly blame that on maturity, a good stylist (hey June!), or more money, but I think his girl played a part. Definitely an upgrade.


Andre 3000 & Common

HA! These two brothas, both very hot distinguished gentlemen, are who this story is based around. We all know that if Erykah Badu’s love wasn’t like “whoa,” they wouldn’t have felt the need to leave behind their old ensembles for crochet hats, scarves, locs and ish that looks better suited on the Beatles during their “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” days. After having his eyes (and nostrils) opened by Badu, Andre’s attire in general changed, as well as his sound. And Common might have been worse (though he went back to normal) because his style choices were more questionable, and the album Electric Circus he put out while with Badu sounded like something she could have possibly have executive produced (and she’s on the front of the album with a wealth of other people). Yep, these guys were really and truly sprung…

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