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As black women, most of us have been through some changes when it comes to our hair. And I don’t mean transitions from relaxed to natural from gheri curl to texturizer, I mean real emotional and even psychological changes because of something that’s gone wrong or right with our hair. Some of these experiences occur in the bathroom mirror, in our kitchen or in the beauty salon.  Whenever and how ever they happened, many of us have a traumatic story or two to share. Check out these stories from our readers and once you’re finished, share your own horror stories in the comment section below.

Tisa: The hater trim! (le sigh) Went in to get my hair trimmed and left with 3 1/2-4 inches chopped off! Smh

Karin: The person used a bad relaxer in my hair. Burned my scalp and nape of neck. Hair appt: $75 Emergency Room visit & prescriptions: $300, Going natural: PRICELESS

Jessica: Tried out a new stylist someone I knew personally but had never used professionally. She was having furniture delivered to her home and her SO did not show up to let them in–she ended up leaving me sitting in the shop with conditioner on my hair for 2 hours waiting on her to come back. I got tired of the phone ringing off the hook and eventually started answering it and taking messages. It ended up taking me like 5 or 6 hours for my appointment. Needless to say that was her first and last time doing my hair!

Jessica: At the shop and the client before me had apparently gotten into a fight at the club the night before with the client scheduled behind me. They saw each other and immediately tried to continue their altercation. The stylist had to ask them both to leave her shop. My first and last visit to that salon as well. Luckily, 3rd time was the charm and my next stylist worked out and I stuck with her for the next 10 years.

Dava: I was doing my own hair for senior pictures and had put a little too much hair spray on the section I was working on. I was running the barrel through that section when my mom walked into the bathroom and started talking to me. I turned around to listen to what she was saying, taking focus off doing my hair. All of a sudden, I heard “SIZZLE!” “POP!” and I saw my mom’s eyes bug out as her jaw hit the floor, followed by a poof of smoke coming from my head! haha Needless to say, I wept and had to figure out something else to do with my hair for one of the most important days in a girl’s high school life!

Dee: So, I was on my way to the salon before work this morning and I got a call saying my hair appointment had been pushed back…my hair was hideous and I couldn’t go back home to comb it myself, because it would make me late for a meeting with my boss…So I did what I had to do, which was pull my spare hair out of the trunk…I twisted and turned it until it fit perfectly and oh boy! the look on the guy’s face next to me on Florida Blvd was priceless!

Nikkia: I went to a shop where the lady was ghetto. Her kids were running around she had a scarf on her head and pajamas pants she also was eating fried catfish while doing my hair

Lindie: I had gone for a relaxer and blow out. The stylist could not blow my hair. So she poured half a bottle of oil in my hair and dried it with a comb. I wasn’t overly concerned because I just needed to have it relaxed. I then proceeded to have a Brazilian wax. The therapist accidentally tripped on a floor rug and the whole tub of hot wax fell on my stomach. I still have the scars.

Shannon: I went to a barbershop to get my fro shaped. Note the word shaped. The dude who was cutting my hair had hooked up my homegirl so I trusted him. My natural hair had been growing for about 6 years and it needed some shape and this is what I told him. As he “shaped” me I wasn’t paying much attention because I trusted him to do what I asked. Right before he turns me around to the mirror he says, “I hope you don’t think this is too masculine.” I am mortified at this point. He turns me around and I had a damn fade!! Holding back the tears since I’m the only chick in the barbershop, I pay and leave and shed major tears in my car. All that hair that I had grown was gone in 30 minutes. I never went back and I spoke bad about that dude for years. It was terrible.

Jan: I went to a Fantasic Sams to save money on a cut, I didn’t know the different terms in hair language. The stylist asked me did I want to zero my sides out. I replied yes, thinking that meant shave down a little. Wrong…A stylist in front of the one that was doing my hair, had her mouth wide open. I was like, What? What is wrong? I looked in the mirror, my left side was completely BALD…Zero out meant bald, I looked a hot mess. I had to wear a wig for about a month til my hair grew back in….I was pissed, now I use pictures out a magazine when I ask for a cut.

Lisa: I went in a new stylist’s shop who defected from the old stylist’s shop for a wave nouveau. Three weeks later my hair fell out in clumps! I went back and the salon was closed down. Thank God for braids. No chemicals for moi!

Paula: Was getting my hair done for my birthday. The stylist was super overbooked and kept taking people. I was 4 hours late to my own birthday party. That was the LAST time she ever saw me…

Crystal: I called my stylist asking if he knew how to do a texturizer, he said yes. So I went in, got it done and came out looking like a cross between Kunta Kinte, Michael Jackson, and a poodle. Smh, my mom took be back in there and ordered him to fix it and give back her money.

Red Summer: Yeah, the last time I went to a Dominican salon, the stylists were talking about all of us like dogs in Spanish. They said how my natural hair was too nappy and if she knew it was going to be this bad, she would have charged me $100. She called another lady a fat pig. All kinds of crazy stuff. Then a man at the front started talking loudly in English about how rude Dominicans are and that they think that no one understands them because we are just stupid black Americans, but he is Cuban and he speaks Spanish. I replied that I was just thinking the same thing. They were too shamed. I was ashamed too, ashamed that I had already paid them. When my hair was done, they said I was so pretty and my long hair made me look like an Indian woman. I politely explained that I was fine looking like a black woman and never returned.

@LeeLisMe After touching my hair, they told another hair dresser that they Thank God for being blessed with good hair. Never went back

Onome: LMAO @ The Hater Trim. You better trademark that, Tisa! I had a student once, a fierce young girl (she was 12 when this happened) who had hair down to her bra strap. She went to a salon for a “trim,” and she got the dreaded Hater Trim – the stylist chopped it up to her neck! THIS little girl had the presence of mind to tell her “I’m not paying you until it grows back!” and she stormed out of the salon!

Natasha, wherever you are now, you are my hero.

What’s been your worst hair experience?

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