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Nicki Minaj.                                           Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Nicki Minaj got up close and personal with Jada Pinkett Smith for one of her most vulnerable interviews ever.

During her chat with the Red Table Talk host for Interview Magazine, she spoke about being in love with motherhood. She’s enjoying being a mom but is now worried about how her career will affect her son. Now that she’s back to work, the hardest thing for her to do is leave him.

“I love my son so much that I don’t know if it’s normal, but it seems unhealthy because I took too long to start working and leaving him to be watched by anyone, so now I have this real bad separation anxiety,” she said. “So that’s not good.  If it wasn’t during COVID, it would’ve been different, but I was afraid to bring people around him when he was a tiny, tiny baby—nannies that are going back home and stuff.”

She Shared One Of Her Fears Regarding Her Son

Nicki Minaj also reflected about her own early childhood back in Trinidad. Since her son is about to be two-years-old, she spoke about when her mother left her in Trinidad when she was two. When her mother returned for her to have an operation she was three, Minaj said when she saw her mother she didn’t know who she was. She shared that now that she is a mother, she fears that her son will have negative feelings about her not being there at times due to her career.

“In fact, right before I came to the States, my mother had to come to Trinidad because I had to have an operation. And when I opened my eyes from the operation, and I was maybe 3 years old going on 4, I started crying because I didn’t know who this lady was,” she said. “I was crying at the side of my mother, and I started begging my cousin, who was a teenager, to come be in the room with me because that’s who I had gotten attached to in the year-and-a-half prior, you know? So I’m reliving all of those things now because I’m afraid that my son will ever feel that I left him for anything, for any reason, and for any amount of time.”

Nicki Minaj Said She Can’t Be As Freaky As She Used To Be

The Queens native said her latest single, “Super Freaky Girl,” helped her tap ” back into who she was.” While she was pregnant, it was difficult for her to be as explicit as she has been throughout her career.

“When I was pregnant I couldn’t even record certain songs. That body was very uncomfortable for me, number one. And then you have the baby, and your body’s going through all these changes and mentally you’re going through it. It was difficult for me to write on the whole.”

She added, “And so I still felt true to myself on “Super Freaky Girl.” As opposed to, a lot of people were sending me songs, Jada, a lot of female rappers, especially, and I didn’t want to be mean, but every other word was ‘p****’ and ‘f******’ and da da da, and I wasn’t there. I don’t think I can ever fully be there.”

She’s Turned Down Collaborations That Were Too Explicit

The “We Go Up” rapper even turned down a collaboration with Gunna because it was too raunchy.

“I don’t think the new female rappers really understand who I am. A lot of the girls that came before me, they really were those sexual beings, and I was so inspired by them. But I’m not like that. I’m more the goofy girl,” she said. “Even some of the new male rappers—I turned down a Gunna song because it was just moaning and groaning on the track, but Drake ended up doing it and it worked great for them.”

At this point in her career, she said that she chooses “not to express the sexual side right now in that overt way.”

The 39-year-old also opened up about how she feels about her rap peers. She shared that she’s disappointed with a lot of the new talent because she feels that they aren’t authentically being themselves.

“But can I tell you the truth, Jada? What I’m seeing now is that so many new artists are trying to become the person they looked up to instead of giving us a new flavor! And it’s irking the crap out of me! I know I could see so much talent in some of the new artists, females, males, whatever. But they lose me when I’m seeing the person who they are trying to be like or sound like more than I’m seeing who they are.”


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