Celebrity Mistresses: The Good, The Bad, and The Trifling

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Many people can’t help who they fall in love with–even if the person has a ring on their finger, a wife and a set of kids waiting at home for them, which should all be a stop sign for those wondering. However, when some folks fall, they fall HARD. And I’m assuming that’s what happened in these scenarios and relationships, whether temporary or still going strong, when these notable ladies decided to become the other woman (in the hopes of becoming the MAIN woman). Find out who made it past mistress status and who wasn’t so lucky to get more out of it than some heartache. And in our definition, yes, dating a man who isn’t divorced  (even if they’re separated) still kind of makes you the other woman…sorry.


Gabrielle Union

Sure, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are the cutest couple out right now, but a few years ago, Gabi was catching all kinds of heat from Wade’s wife Siohvaughn Funches for being the other woman. She felt this way even though their relationship was pretty much at its end. I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the lawsuit Funches unsuccessfully tried to file against Union, claiming that not only was she the reason the marriage was in shambles, but that Gabrielle and Dwyane engaged in sexual foreplay in front of Funches and Wade’s two sons when they were visiting with their father–allegedly causing emotional distress for the boys. The case was dismissed and Funches was shut down by the judge, even losing custody of her two sons.  It’s no secret that Gabi and Dwyane were together before the ink had dried and the divorce was fully in effect, but much to the chagrin of haters, these two are still going strong and even professing their love for one another on the cover of magazines.

Angelina Jolie

Talk about getting over like a fat rat. Angie might be the m0st popular mistress in Hollywood but no one seems to mind or get on her like they do other women (like the ones on this list)  about jumping in between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s relationship. In fact, because Angie is considered the better looking woman out of the two, for some reason, it’s seen as an “upgrade” and an on-going joke (see Kanye’s “Gone” and Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid H*e” for examples of these jokes). As far as we know, it all started while Angelina and Brad were shooting Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. She allegedly admitted that they fell in love on set, and after that, well…you know the story. Jenn got left behind and had every relationship since her public split with Pitt overly-analyzed, while Pitt and Jolie have created a huge family together and he seems happier than ever. I respect their love for adoption and volunteer work and what not, but these two are still pretty messy.

Lauryn Hill

No one loves Lauryn like I do (the old Lauryn that is…), but she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar–and with Wyclef Jean of all people! It has been put out there numerous times, even by Clef, that the two were together both before he married designer Marie Claudinette, but after they were married as well. Former Fugees member Pras once said in an interview with Rolling Stone that when they were having their affair, which was said to be a part of why the group disbanded, Wyclef was playing with Hill’s emotions. You could say that luckily for her, she moved on, met Rohan Marley, had some kids and lived happily ever after. However, those two never married, rumors are still swirling that he’s still married to another woman he married in college, and the latest child she had (her sixth–she has five with Rohan), he publicly denounced as not being his and she didn’t deny that it wasn’t. Girl…now YOU know you better watch out…


Oh, the drama. No, Ashanti wasn’t the other woman to Nelly, but to the man that used to be her mentor and CEO of Murder Inc. Records–Irv Gotti. Back in ’07, Irv went to Wendy Williams’ radio show to spill the beans about the affair he had with the singer, saying she knew he was married and that he was popping ecstasy and Viagra during their times together. He claims he was disappointed at the fact that when he was facing legal troubles for money laundering, that’s when she decided to distance herself from him. Putting her on blast was pretty jacked up, but Ashanti never denied it, and if anyone (other than me) watched Irv’s short-lived VH1 reality show, Gotti’s Way, we know he wasn’t very shy when it came to exposing his affairs. She and Nelly are no longer together, and nothing came out of her alleged affair with Irv, and honestly, that’s a great thing.

LeAnn Rimes

Who says country singers can’t be the dirtiest of the dirty? And I only say that because not only did Rimes help break up actor Eddie Cibrian’s marriage to then wife Brandi Glanville (the exes have two kids together), but in the process, she totally ditched her own marriage with backup dancer Dean Sheremet. Their relationship had gone on from 2002 and ended in 2009 when Cibrian and Rimes decided to leave their respective partners for one another. She received a lot of shade for the very out in the open affair (the two were seen kissing in public), which started when the two worked on a Lifetime movie together, but Rimes said she doesn’t regret getting in a relationship with Cibrian at all, and that she’s happy. The two married in April 2011 and can be seen vacationing it up often.

Alicia Keys

While Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz make a cute couple, the road to cute and married coupledom started off rough. Especially since the record producer was still married to singer Mashonda when they began their relationship. Mashonda claims Beatz (aka Kaseem Dean) confessed about their relationship on Mother’s Day 2008 (ouch!), but she had already known about the affair for six months. She went VERY public about Dean’s cheating ways, writing Twitter letters and doing interviews about it and what not, saying she asked Alicia to back off so she and Dean could work things out. However, Alicia never responded to her, and that was that. A.Keys and Swizzy have made their love “thang” happen even with all the shade: they’re married and have an adorable son together, Egypt. Dean’s fourth.


Perhaps the mistress that gets the most heat on this list, Fantasia’s year-long affair with Antwaun Cook garnered her national attention for all the wrong things. Though she claims the two started dating after he and his wife were separated, Paula Cook, Antwaun’s ex-wife, had plans to sue her for playing a part in the failure of their marriage. It was pretty bad after that. Fanny tried to commit suicide and even admitted aborting Cook’s baby before the attempt. Though we hoped she would get out from under this drama and a clearly unhealthy relationship, she and Cook somehow found their way back into each other’s lives and she gave birth to his son in December 2011. Now she allegedly wants him to step up and take better care of their son and maybe even do right by marrying her. Yeah, good luck with that.

Sanaa Lathan

Word on the street, well, way before the rumors that Sanaa was trying to get her flirt on with Kobe, is that Lathan was seeing entrepreneur and music mogul Steve Rifkind in early 2011. They allegedly showed up at the wedding of actress Essence Atkins together, and that’s when the rumors really hit overdrive. However, Rifkind was said to still be married, but separated during the time they were getting more and more acquainted with one another (Rifkind and his wife had allegedly been separated for three years–divorce then!). When she was asked about their relationship by Uptown, she opted out of going into details about it, saying she doesn’t like to discuss her dating life. I guess we can see why…?

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