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You are impatient. So hungry for change–so hungry for life. But in your impatience you end up missing life and I assure you, life misses you. 

You are told to do, to keep doing, that doing is right, that doing means you’re good, worthy, valuable. So you keep doing. But no one taught you to linger, to move at the pace of wonder, to be easy in the stillness and spaciousness of life. 

It’s a lie, a big one, that in order to live, you must exhaust yourself. Hustle, grind, go and go and go.

Beloved, whole industries are built on this lie, on the backs of exhausted humans. Let it not be your back weighed down by this untruth! No, instead may the sinew along your spine be easy and peaceful, at rest in this truth: you need not suffer to thrive and your exhaustion is not only unnecessary, but also a sign it is time to change your life. 

There may be a period of time when you know change is necessary but you do not know what the change is. What to do the in-between? First, acknowledge you are in the in-between and befriend it. 

Then, remind yourself you are at the center of a powerful creative process and it is your thoughts, actions, and beliefs which will determine what greets you on the other side of the in-between.

Shape your thoughts, actions, and beliefs accordingly.

Be curious about the journey you are on. 

Expect miracles. 

Do not be afraid. Do not let your fear, worry, or boredom force you into action. This is an act of self-sabotage and you are not creating a future of fear, worry, or boredom! If you intend to create a more joyful life, begin to act from joy. More abundance? Act from abundance. Whatever it is you want more of in your life, let that be the source of your action, not your fear. 

Expect miracles. Know firm and true in your heart that your effort, labors, and courage are well received by the universe and you will be rewarded for leaving exhaustion behind and moving toward your divine self. 

Breathe. Breath can and will change everything. Breathe! In through your nose, fill your belly, sloooow exhale, release.

–And keep going, you’ll make it. May you know you are cherished in the in-between and feel delight at the gifts awaiting you on the other side of change.


In deep love and gratitude, 


Naimonu is a soul in progress! They create sacred content, mostly words, inspired by their cosmic travels. For the last fifteen years they have engaged the stars and developed a vibrant and intuitive approach to Western astrology. They have also developed expertise in ancestor work, clairaudience, earth-based and shamanic practices, self-love, and sacred living. The core of their practice is their devotion to pausing and listening to the songs of the universe and planet Earth. They received a B.A. in Sociology from Harvard College in 2014. Learn more about them at
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