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creating an abundance mindset

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“Happiness is directly correlated to how grateful you are for the things you have.” A yoga teacher once said that at the end of a class I took part in. It wasn’t just some Zen jargon – her words are backed by research. Studies have found that those who express gratitude in their lives tend to have better health, form better relationships, and deal with adversity better than those who do not express it. If you think about a feeling of gratitude, it’s linked to abundance. But nothing about your circumstances has to change when you decide to be grateful. The money in your bank account doesn’t have to increase. Your apartment doesn’t have to become more luxurious. You simply decide to receive and experience positive emotions, linked to what you already have, rather than focus on what you do not.

Much of an abundance mindset isn’t about wanting more, but rather feeling that you already have enough. Ironically, that very mindset could be what ultimately gets you more. An abundance mindset is attractive – electric even. It’s also energizing and motivating, which are two things anyone with ambition needs. But how do you know if you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity one? Some think they have one but actually live with the other. We consulted therapist and career coach Jessica Bullock (pictured below) about what it means.

Jessica Bullock

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What did your family pass down to you?

“I do a lot of couples coaching and individual coaching for clients who are in the midst of moving up in an entrepreneurial journey. So finance and mindset come up a lot,” Bullock says. “We examine some of the generational patterns that have been connected to mindset. What habits have you picked up? Which do you need to put down? A lot of ideas around money come from cultural upbringings.”

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