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Cosmic Love Letter by Naimonu

Beloved Self,

This Sagittarius Season embrace aliveness. Aliveness requires breath–so breathe. Determination to breathe is a radical act, for you have been taught to disconnect from life and from your body. You have been taught to deny the sacred flame in your chest, but you can smother your light no longer. You breathe this flame into a blaze.

Embrace aliveness. Aliveness loves aliveness–so go to the living places on this planet and learn from them. Watch the spider weave its web and learn something about the art of making and remaking home. Let the cat teach you boundaries. Sit at the roots of trees and learn how to breathe sunshine. Take extra care not to destroy life this Season. Just for now, let yourself–and the wild creatures–wild.

Embrace aliveness. Aliveness is good friends with celebration. Clear space for celebration as you define celebration. Take a few breaths and ask yourself “What is celebration to me?”

Celebrate even though you know there will be days you are low. Celebrate even if sometimes it’s hard to remember why you’d bother. Celebrate without wasting energy trying to prove to yourself that you deserve to celebrate. Just for this Season, celebrate.

Embrace aliveness. Aliveness in a world like this demands commitment. Don’t expect aliveness to be your baseline because for a hundred reasons, each more devastating than the next, aliveness is not your baseline right now. Know that disconnection from your body isn’t just societal for you, it’s ancestral. Every time you take a deep breath and reconnect with your body you are sending life through your lineages, life that wasn’t available to your people. You are letting them know with each belly deep, lung loving inhale, “I am living y’all. Thank you for making the way for me.” Commit to your breath as you commit to your ancestors.

If mid-act you find yourself struck with the realization that this isn’t bringing you closer to aliveness. Stop. Say no. Turn yourself away so you can turn toward the yes of your life. Take a deep breath in through your nose and on the exhale say, “I embrace, explore, and cultivate aliveness.” Breathe again and repeat this phrase until you feel your cells remember life.

Feel breath by breath as your life transforms toward a vibrating, wild, reverent life. A lively life. Toward a life well lived.



Naimonu (they/them) holds the lineages of the Mattaponi peoples of Virginia and the Hausa of present day Cameroon. They are an alchemist, weaver, shapeshifter, poet-astrologer, medicine woman, and channel who continues to remember and hone their ancestral blessings and technologies. They are a freedom fighter. In early 2022, Naimonu will return to their ancestral lands in the Tidewater Region of VA and bring close to a nine month initiation in the Caribbean where their West African ancestors survived enslavement. You can find their cosmic love letters on MADAMENOIRE and they are giving light to a forthcoming project entitled For When. They received a B.A. in Sociology from Harvard College in 2014. Learn more about their work at

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