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gift for runners

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It can feel like finding that perfect gift for someone special in your life gets harder every year. “I don’t want anything” and “I don’t need any more stuff” is what you hear, leaving you wondering how the hell to show your love when the holidays roll around. If you are shopping for someone who doesn’t want anything big, one great compromise is to buy them something that compliments an activity or passion they already participate in. Often, a gift that will make a favorite pastime easier or more enjoyable is a home run.

With a lot of individuals looking to shed holiday pounds once the New Year rolls around, it might be a good idea to consider what sort of physical activity your gift recipient enjoys, and get them something that will make it a little easier. Statista shows that running is the top favorite outdoor activity among Black men. If you have a jogger in your life, here are gifts that will mean a lot without taking up a lot of room.


Anti-Blister Socks

gifts for runners

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The thing that takes many runners off their feet for days isn’t a major injury or painful knees: it’s blisters! The tiniest blister can make running painful, but the high impact of jogging and the friction created by it is too much for most standard socks. These anti-blister socks are made for joggers. They combine mohair with Drynamix polyester for a sock that prevents those nasty little things that put a runner out of commission. No more covering blisters with Band-Aids.


Running Gloves

gifts for runners

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One might not associate gloves with running, but if you break it down for a moment, you can see why an avid jogger needs these. First, hands get sweaty on a run, but a jogger needs their hands to grip their phone, ipod or water bottle. Next, hands can get cold on a run, causing circulation issues. These running gloves solve many of the issues runners face with their hands. Their anti-slip materials lets the wearer hold a phone or thermos without issue. The finger tips are touch screen compatible. They have reflective parts to let oncoming cars see the jogger. And they keep the wearer’s hands warm to boost circulation.


Armband Phone Holster

gifts for runners

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Many runners like to bring their phone along for their jog so they can listen to music or podcasts, or simply not miss any important calls. However, finding a place to securely stash that phone while running can be tricky as many tight running pant don’t have pockets and loose jogging shorts swing around, putting a phone at risk of flying out. This armband phone holster securely holds a phone in place and high on the body, so earbud cords reach the ears without an issue. It has a cord organizer as well as reflective strips for improved visibility.


A Runner’s Smart Watch

gifts for runners

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Anyone who wants to track their progress and their health can enjoy this runner’s smart watch. As far as gadgets go, it’s pretty affordable coming in at under $200. It tracks heart rate, pace, distance and intervals and shows stats on its large, highly visible screen. It can be linked up to the user’s phone to receive notifications such as calls and texts, and it has GPS mode for tracking location. Available in several colors, there should be one to suit the style of most joggers.


A Dog-and-Human Leash System

gifts for runners

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If the jogger in your life has a furry friend who they like to bring along, this leash system keeps the human and dog safe and comfortable. It has three sections: the waist belt, the leash loop and the D-ring. The waist belt goes on the human and is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The leash loop is attached to the waist belt and can slide around, so the dog’s movements won’t jolt the person. The D-ring is ideal for attaching the leash hook to, when a dog is off leash. It’s available in several colors and sizes.


Jogging Pants

gifts for runners

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A good pair of jogging pants, made just for runners, are essentials. Some regular old gym shorts won’t do. Look for pants that have several features designed with runners in mind, like a secure zippered pocket for essentials and reflective tape for visibility. Moisture wicking fabric is also a plus as well as UPF protection. A stretchy waistband and flexible material will allow for full mobility.


Bath Salts

gifts for runners

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Running takes its toll on the body and the jogger in your life might appreciate something that helps them soothe sore muscles and unwind after a long outing. This pack of Epsom salts from Dr Teals has three varieties of soaking salts. The lavender is soothing and can help with sleep, the eucalyptus and spearmint can ease muscle aches and the rosemary and mint can calm overworked muscles. Each packet contains three pounds of salts, so this set should last the user a while.


This Runner’s Cookbook

gifts for runners

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A successful athletic routine begins in the kitchen. If the runner in your life is looking for ways to optimize their body, get more energy and cut fat while building muscle, give them this book. The author, Emma Coburn, is a professional track and field athlete and two-time Olympian. The book is loaded with delicious recipes packed with the nutrients runners need, and missing the things that slow runners down. It also has useful information about what nutrition the body of a runner requires.

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