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From diamond encrusted unicorn horns to committing felonies for TikTok, this appropriately titled episode showed exactly how far people will go for 15 minutes of viral fame. 


Lil’ Muffin Is Back

The last time we saw Eric’s newest artist, Lauren also known as Lil Muffin, was in episode two. She is fresh out of rehab and ready to get back to work. Lauren is determined to separate her public persona, Lil Muffin the party girl, from her newly-sober lifestyle. 

Lauren is in the grocery store when she overhears some teenagers call her irrelevant. Without her signature colorful wig, they don’t recognize that Lil Muffin is standing next to them. A few members of her entourage confirm that she has fallen off, indeed and needs to do something grand to get her face back in the blogs. Sis decides to pull a Lil Uzi Vert and has a diamond unicorn horn implanted into her forehead. Needless to say, this didn’t end well. 


Chain Snatchers 

Eric and Jojo are settling into their new father-daughter relationship. They are enjoying a meal together, when two fans approach Eric and ask for a photo, then snatch his chain and run. Eric thinks he knows who is responsible for this. Jojo accompanies Eric as he pays a visit to an old nemesis, JadaKiss (who plays himself). When Eric asks for his chain, Jadakiss laughs in his face and reminds him they are both grown ass men who are way past chain-snatching years. Jojo discovers that Eric’s chain was snatched as part of a TiKTok challenge.  


A Stalker 

 Valeria notices someone looking into her living room window. Later in the episode, She notices the stalker in her front yard. She is excited because having a stalker will get the press attention she craves. When the stalker remerges, she goes to her front door to find an older woman standing there with a bouquet of flowers. It turns out her stalker is her estranged mother. 


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Brianna, A Better Woman Than Most

 Brianna is sitting on her porch with her deceased husband’s mistress Alexis. Something about watching Brianna serve anti-nausea tea to this white woman who betrayed her in such an egregious way that doesn’t sit well. In the year of our Lord 2021, Black women should return to put ourselves first and this just isn’t it. Alexis decides to terminate the pregnancy and asks Brianna to accompany her to the clinic. Alexis doesn’t show up, instead she abruptly moves and stops taking Brianna’s calls. What a mess. 

Brianna is approached by rapper Fivio Foreign who plays himself in this episode. He invites her and her children to accompany him to Paris on his private jet. Brianna initially scoffs at Fivio Foreign’s advances by saying “do you know how old I am?” Fivio knows and he is about that cougar life. Brianna shuts him down but later that night knocks on his door and announces that she is there to “teach him a lesson.”  He was schooled. Nobody is mad. Brianna deserves it.   


Seriously Jill? 

The ladies are invited to perform at the American Music Award. Determined not to repeat the disaster that was their last show, they dedicate more time to rehearsals. Jill is constantly late if she shows up at all. They soon find out why when they all attend an AMA pre-party. Jill suddenly appears on stage with two drag queens who are dressed as Naomi and Brianna. The marquee behind them reads “Jill The Thrill and The Nasty Butches.” They watch in  anger and horror, as Jill performs their 1990’s hit song “Nasty Girl.” This disrespectful sneak performance was the brainchild of Jill’s lover turned-manager Alexis. Alexis was trouble from the start. These clout-chasing antics threaten to break up the band, but the ladies put their differences aside to support Jill after she is threatened by her estranged husband. All is forgiven and the Queens are ready to take AMAs by storm.

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