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nighttime facial routine

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In a recent sit down with Neutrogena brand ambassadors Chloe and Halle Bailey, well-known esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith also known as La Beautyologist shared a five-minute facial routine anyone can do at home.

Nicknamed “Nai,” the skincare expert applied products “going thinnest to thickest” consistency-wise. According to her, “That’s the best baseline order becuase you really want each layer of skincare that you put on to seep into the skin.”

As the first step in your five-minute facial, start with a non-irritating gel cleanser. You’ll want it to be a product that’s gentle and feels lightweight on the skin so it ends up “clean, not stripped” — especially since you’ll be using chemical exfoliants later on.

“Exfoliants increase your skin’s cell turnover so you really want to create a routine that’s centered around using them,” Nai said.

After that, grab a toner with chemical exfoliating properties that work for your skin type and rub it into the skin.

“Using [a toner] immediately after cleansing while your skin is still damp is going to be extremely helpful becuase your skin’s going to be able to soak up and utilize the dampness and moisture on your face,” the esthetician said.

The next step is to follow up by applying a hydrating serum. As a go-to step in her skincare routine, Nai explained that “When the skin is hydrated, it behaves better. Hydrated skin reduces inflamation, it helps with dryness, it helps with oiliness. Hydration is the key to everything lovely in skincare, so it’s a great thing to include in your facial.”

The last step is applying a gel-cream moisturizer. “Since we’re not applying sunscreen, this facial is an example of a nighttime routine. If you were doing it in the morning though, you absolutely always want to wear SPF,” the skin expert emphasized. 

Nai went on to noted that using sun protection is even more critical when regularly applying products that actively exfoliate the skin on your face since it can be higher prone to damage.


Both Chloe and Halle shared that they have fairly “simple” philosophies regarding how they care for their skin. That said, after explaining how her skin tends to “freak out” (especially when she’s traveling on tour), Halle asked Nai how frequently she should be visiting a licensed esthetician for a professional facial.

“Ideally once a month,” the skin expert answered. “The reason why is because your skin cell turnover rate is approximately every 28 days when you’re young.”

“But by the time you’re 30, you’re at like 33 days. By the time your 40 you’re at like 50 something days,” Nai added for others listening. “As you age your skin cell turnover slows, so you want constantly be ‘re-energizing’ your skin cells. Facials can help with that, so once a month is ideal.”

However, if getting a professional facial that frequently isn’t accessible to you, Nai recommended at least trying to get one every time there’s a seasonal change.

“So that’s like three to four times a year, depending on where you live,” Nai said. “When the seasons change our skin changes. You may go from oily to normal, or normal to dry, or areas that were one type of skin combination turns into a different type of combination. Skin does a lot of different things when the weather changes.”

Noting the importance of having someone licensed “check in” on your skin after returning home from a trip — such as Halle should when returning from tour — Nai emphasized that we “should see a dermatologist at least once a year.”

“While their not giving you facials, they can check for moles and you can ask them more pressing or medical questions regarding you skin,” she explained.

If you’re interested, Nai mentioned that she uses the Neutrogena Skin Perfecting Dry Skin Liquid Face Exfoliant on her face as a daily exfoliant. To purchase that formula or a version of the product that’s more suited for your skin type, find it at Walmart.

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