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Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing protest that began September 17 2011 in New York City’s Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district. The protest’s purpose is to take a stand against social and economic inequality, rising unemployment, corruption, high unemployment, greed, corruption, and the influence of large corporations, particularly from the financial services sector, on the government.  The demonstrators use the slogan: ‘We are the 99 per cent’, which refers to the growing difference in wealth between the wealthiest 1 per cent and the rest of the population.  However, some of the top millionaires and celebrities in the world are also taking stand, even though they tend to fit in with the 1%.  Check out who out of the 1% is fighting back and supporting the protests.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West stopped by the New York protest after nearly a month of occupation on Oct. 10, 2011. West visited the rally alongside music mogul Russell Simmons and kept his appearance fairly low-key for a star typically known for attracting a lot of attention. Afterwards, Simmons tweeted about visiting the protest with West, noting, “I love how sweet and tolerant he was to the crowd.”

2. Lupe Fiasco

The rapper was one of the original supporters of the protests, and was even down at the march on September 17. Lupe was seen wearing an Occupy Wall Street t-shirt in support of the protests during his performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards.  He says that he completely supports the movement and has been urging his fans to start similar movements in their own cities. He also added that he likes how Occupy Wall Street acts as a classroom for many people who use the open environment to spread knowledge about a host of political issues.

3. Alec Baldwin

At about midnight on Tuesday, the 30 Rock actor spent two hours talking with demonstrators and explaining his own believes on the Federal Reserve and corporate corruption. “I think most people want change in this country, but they don’t want this country to go down the tubes,” he said.   He later tweeted: “My thanks 2 Aaron from Brooklyn and Sean from Winnipeg for this evening’s OWS tutorial. My first. A lot of dedicated people at #ZuccottiPark.”

4. Michael Moore

The longtime filmmaker and political activist turned up at Liberty Plaza on September 26 and used the “human microphone” technique to talk about corruption on Wall Street.  Now he’s on a media blitz, talking up the Occupy Wall Street protests and arguing that they weren’t given the same attention as the Tea Party protests.

5. Russell Simmons

Simmons arrived at Liberty Plaza with 500 bottles of water, calling the protesters “sweet kids.“ He reportedly does not officially identify with Occupy Wall Street, but supports the concept. “We should stop the legal bribery of our politicians.” He also took the time to speak with demonstrators in Zuccotti Park on Oct. 10, 2011. Simmons later told CNN that Occupy Wall Street protestors will remain at Zuccotti Park possibly until Congress passes a constitutional amendment that says “money is going to leave Washington.” “We want the people to control the government, not the corporations and not the special interests,” said Simmons.

6. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway acted as an average Joe and accompanied hundreds of protestors as she joined the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Manhattan’s Union Square.  The 29-year-old, who is worth a reported $58 million, was pictured marching with protesters and sticking it to the man yesterday in The Big Apple. The Oscars hostess held up a sign in support of the campaign that read: ‘Blackboards not bullets’.


7. Cornel West

Civil rights activist and Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West joined protestors on September 27 for a speech.  He also held up a sign reading, “If the war on poverty was a real war we would actually be putting money into it.” Unfortunately his appearances weren’t all peaceful. Police arrested Dr. Cornel West, one of approximately 30 arrests, during a protest against police stop-and-frisk tactics in front of the 28th Precinct in Harlem as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

8. Susan Sarandon

The actress turned up at the protests on Wednesday, September 27, both as a supporter and to lend some advice to those who would listen: ”You have to make your plan clear, you have to make your plan doable.” Actress Susan Sarandon joined Teamsters and Occupy Wall Street protesters again at a march outside Sotheby’s on Oct. 18. But this wasn’t her first appearance.

9. Jesse Jackson

Jackson visited Zuccotti Park on October 18 with a very interesting message for the crowds. Reverend Jesse Jackson told a crowd of Occupy London protesters that they’re in good company as their demonstrations stretch past the two-month mark, because Jesus was an Occupier as well.  “Jesus was an Occupier, born under a death warrant, a Jew by religion, born in poverty under Roman occupation,” Jackson told the 200-person crowd in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral Thursday, MSNBC reported. ”Gandhi was an Occupier, Martin Luther King was an Occupier, [Nelson] Mandela was an Occupier.”  Jackson has been holding strong at the protests and is even camping out on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral since he first arrived in October.

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