New Year, New Them! 7 Celebrities Who Need A Makeover!

December 30, 2011  |  
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We’ve given you the 12 Best Dressed Fashionistas of 2011, but we all know you can’t have the best without the worst! Okay, maybe “worst” is too harsh a word to use, but these celebs constantly leave us scratching our heads at their wardrobe selections. But as the saying goes, “Any publicity is ‘good’ publicity!” Right? Check out these seven celebrities that need to try again next year…

Dearest Drake,

I miss the old Drizzy! When I saw your spread in GQ as one of the men of the year last year, I thought to myself, “Finally, a rapper who doesn’t look like he’s playing dress up when he wears a suit.” My second thought was, “Why is he so freakin’ cute!?” But that’s neither here nor there.

Hell, I’d even settle for ‘grandpa sweater wearing Drake.’ But this new guy, who hangs around in Nike stores and goes thrifting for silk blouses…I don’t get him. Things took a turn for the worst when you started wearing obnoxious puffy coats as part of your outfits. I don’t care if you add gold lame` flakes to a North Face coat–let alone leopard print–it’s still A NORTH FACE COAT! Then came the gloves. Not regular, everyday gloves for the weather, but batting gloves. I think I speak for America when I ask, “FOR WHAT!?” Maybe I’m out of touch, but are impromptu baseball games a danger in the streets, nowadays? Dude, unless you’re anemic, there is no need to be this layered up all the time–especially in your videos. Your music is better than ever, but your style could use a revamp.

P.S. Gold medallions belong on women and sealed away in mummies’ tombs.

Hey Nicki Minaj,

You can stop now. Your career is established and your fan base is solid, so there’s no need to continue to resemble a child playing dress up.  At first, it was refreshing to see a woman wear whatever she wanted, but things have gotten grossly out of hand! There is no need for a GROWN woman to wear stuffed animals all over her body. Or wear a tiger on her head. You’re beautiful and you don’t need all the wigs or crazy outfits to keep our attention. If not for yourself, do it for the thousands of gals that emulate your style. They deserve a better style role model because if I encounter one more of your clones rocking pink highlights and a barbie chain while proclaiming she’s a “bad b****,” I’m going to scream! Let’s shelve the gimmicks for a while, eh?

P.S. Please give Roman the message as well.,

With your sleek lines and armor-like clothing, you’re well on your way to becoming that cyborg you’ve been aspiring to be. Your looks are mismatched and a bit too tight, and that low Gumby cut needs to die a slow death. Also, it appears as if you are running out of ideas. Blazer? Check. Tight pants? Check. Pop of red? Check. We’re hitting snooze. Consider this your wake-up call!

Salutations Jackie Christie,

You are one of the most disliked known basketball wives in the history of the show and it’s no secret that you’re a bit older than the other cast members. So, the question remains: why do you dress like a woman half your age? In addition to the age problem, you constantly pick clothes that do not flatter your body type. Your love affair with clothing that is too small and/or too short is NOT CUTE. Embrace the new year and a new wardrobe.


Hello Cee Lo Green,

You’re a great performer, but these everyday costumes have got to go!  Some days you look as if you don’t care. Others, you’re taking style cues from the NBC logo. And then we have those rare times when you think you’re a genie. Cee Lo, everything that glitters is not gold! We’ve seen you look presentable before, so we know it’s in you. Your voice is amazing! You don’t need all the extras! Stop it…like yesterday.

Hi Amber Rose,

Fashion-wise, you are wasting your potential. Your body is enviable, but we don’t need to see so much of it–and I’m not taking about the back-to-back nude picture scandals! I’m referring to the overly snug garments you are often photographed in. Sometimes you try to switch it up and rock frilly dresses and short sets, but on you they look more like a costume fit for the bedroom. It’s not your fault, your body just oozes sex. I just think you can do SO much better! For the new year, stay away from clingy fabrics, bodysuits and dresses with too many frills. If you pick one piece of advice to follow, let it be to toss on a good bra to conceal those perky nipples that you’re always trying to show. That alone will put you ahead of the game!

P.S. Please don’t send your fans, aka ‘Rosebuds,’ after me!

Wassup Lil’ Wayne,

You may have noticed your label mates, Nicki Minaj and Drake, are also on this list. They got an explanation about why their clothing choices are subpar, but you do not need one. You know what this is about. No leggings in 2012, and if you love your fans, keep your underwear UNDER your clothes.

What other celebrities had questionable style this year?

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