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In one of the latest episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Porsha Williams threw some major shade at Marlo Hampton. While discussing why she thinks the latter ended her longtime feud with Kenya Moore, Porsha shared that from her perspective, Marlo has been riding on the “coattails” of other cast members for years.

Amidst the After Show, the tension between Porsha and Marlo inevitably came up. As she discussed the situation with Drew and Shamea, Porsha explained that she didn’t really understand at the time of the cast’s dinner with Big Freedia why exactly Marlo was going off on her — especially since the two had discussed their issues and hugged it out right before it happened. Additionally, she noted that it wasn’t until she thought on the dinner after it went down that she pieced together how Kenya played a role in the drama going on between her and Marlo.

“‘What is wrong with you? We just talked and we made amends at the dance class — how you get to the dinner and you this mad?'” Porsha said recalling Marlo’s behavior at the dinner. Speaking on how she thought the way Marlo acted was really just a ramification of Kenya’s more elaborate plan to take her down, she added, “And then that’s when I realized that you know — Kenya’s big plan was to use the girl.”

Giving more details, when one of the producers asked Porsha why she thought Marlo was so willing to forgive Kenya and put their infamous and low-down feud behind her so that the two women could move forward, Porsha shadily responded by saying that riding other “powerful” cast member’s “coattails” is something Marlo has a history of.

“Some people are clout chasers like that,” Porsha said on Marlo’s ability to make up with Kenya. “And if she thought that Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me and bring me down, then she was gonna go on the next most powerful thing. And that’s who she thought Kenya was. The same way she rode NeNe’s coattail for years, okay? — Years.”

As an extra tidbit, Porsha also shared that she was actually the one who encouraged Marlo to not give up hope on repairing her relationship with Kenya — and that she felt it was such a “silly” thing for her to do in hindsight. Speaking to Marlo at a time when she was sad about the feud, Porsha recalled saying, “Marlo listen, I may not necessarily like Kenya, okay? And I may not necessarily be her friend — but if I’m Kenya and I have an issue with you or I feel like you’ve said something to me that I’m not over yet, you’re going to have to give her time. Eventually, you all will be able to have a conversation and get to a better place — and when it’s time, be able to receive it and be apologetic and be honest.”

“That’s what I told her!” Porsha said exasperatedly. “So I’m the one that called for them to be friends again, and then look what happened.”

When Shamea said, “You gave your friend away,” Porsha simply said of Marlo, “She was never mine from the get-go.”

Even though it seemed like Cynthia was the main person to help end the longtime feud between Kenya and Marlo, clearly Porsha had a hand in helping the women come together as well. While it unfortunately might have ended her relationship with Marlo in the long run, do you think Porsha’s right about Kenya only befriending Marlo again as an ulterior motive to ruin her and bring her down?

Watch the full episode of the RHOA After Show down below.


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