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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 12

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During the second half of the New Orleans girl’s trip in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, tensions between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore over what really went down during #Strippergate came to a head, and cast members and viewers alike all wondered why Marlo Hampton inserted herself in the center of the drama.

If you can believe it, the RHOA ladies were STILL talking about #Strippergate during the tail end of their New Orleans trip — about six 45-minute long episodes after it went down. With that in mind, not much realistically went down in last night’s episode, and what did was ridiculous. While viewers have seen how Kenya’s crusade to publicly shame Porsha for allegedly sleeping with B.O.L.O the (adult) Entertainer has reawoken the underlying tensions between them, was anyone was expecting how widespread the ramifications of their rocky relationship would end up being on the rest of the dynamics in the group?

Most notably, Marlo has been in the mix more than ever this season — and surprisingly — since she and Kenya ended their longtime petty feud she’s unfortunately fashioned herself right in the middle of the drama between the two ladies mentioned above. In her defense, Marlo claims that ever since she started being friends with Kenya again, Porsha’s attitude towards their friendship has changed, which is true. Both Marlo and Porsha even discussed the weird vibe in their relationship during last week’s episode as viewers saw. That being said, Porsha’s also right for not trusting Marlo and being wary of the latter’s renewed relationship with Kenya since Marlo has been a mess ever since the two started hanging out again. As we’ve heard mentioned in several episodes, Marlo made a shady post on social media after #Strippergate went down with the same hashtag Kenya did, implying that they weren’t the ones that slept with B.O.L.O but that there was the possibility some of their other castmates did. Also, while we haven’t seen Marlo speaking badly of Porsha to Kenya directly, she has been the most worried about whether Porsha slept with B.O.LO. — after counting Kenya of course. All things considered, if I was Porsha Marlo’s actions would be big red flags for me too in terms of who I’m calling a “friend.”

Now I love me some Marlo — but she honestly took things too far in yesterday’s episode and made the Porsha and Kenya beef about her, then confusingly got mad and accused them of putting her in the middle of it which just didn’t make sense. More embarrassingly, she chose to bring up the drama as a topic of conversation amidst the cast’s dinner with legendary New Orleans star, Big Freedia, — which was another bad choice on her part. Like why did she choose to bring it up as a hypothetical situation clearly about her, Porsha, and Kenya as if they all weren’t sitting there at the same table together?

Why was Marlo surprised when both Porsha and Kenya called her out for getting in the middle of their mess? Her storming out of the dinner and causing a scene really wasn’t cool, and effectively put all the cast members in an awkward position at the dinner with Big Freedia. They seemed just as perplexed as we the viewers were as to why she cared so much about Porsha and Kenya’s beef. Despite her explaining that she doesn’t like liars, that simply isn’t a good enough excuse for Marlo to be using as her reasoning on why she was so determined to know if Porsha really slept with B.O.L.O. If Marlo believed in her friendship with Porsha as much as she claims to, then she would have taken Porsha’s word for it whether the latter was lying to her face or not. I mean let’s keep it real — why is it so important for Marlo and Kenya to speak on what Porsha did at Strippergate? Especially on camera for the whole world to know? If Marlo was a real friend she wouldn’t have put Porsha in that position to begin with.

And on that note, shout out to Porsha once again this week for exemplifying her growth. Even though she was clearly angry and Marlo and Kenya, she didn’t allow her temper to get the best of her — and instead iconically and jokingly said to Kenya, “I f–ked everybody at the bachelorette party… Now what b–ch?”


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