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In last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies headed over to New Orleans for their second girls’ trip of the season. As per the cast’s regular “who gets the best room” drama and their fun-filled outings, many of the dynamics in the group shifted as the drama between Kenya and some of the other ladies continued.

While in New Orleans, the vibes of the whole group seemed to be in a weird place during last night’s episode. If you’ve been keeping up, you’d probably agree that a lot of changes in friendships can be pinned to the drama between Kenya and Porsha at their root. For example, one of the more interesting scenes from yesterday’s episode was when after the group’s bike ride tour, the ladies sat at a restaurant and confronted LaToya about her behavior at Falynn’s home during last week’s explosive Halloween party. If you recall, LaToya did the most (as she often does), and disrespected Falynn’s husband in their home.

As the ladies talked about her behavior at the party during their dinner, Cynthia very vocally said she thought it wasn’t cool for LaToya to show up to the party and disrespect Falynn’s home and husband. Kenya also chimed in and mentioned that at this point, LaToya just seemed like she was going after Falynn in an unwarranted and unprovoked manner.

Drew was really stern about wanting to know why LaToya wasn’t drinking since they had all taken off for New Orleans — and clearly having enough of being pressed on the topic, LaToya began answering Drew by singing “I don’t feel like it b*tch.” Following that, Drew exposed to the group that at one point LaToya had opened up to her about wanting to stop drinking alcohol.

Kenya then made a comment implying that Drew was shaming LaToya for her drinking instead of genuinely trying to help her, and once the cat was let out of the bag LaToya decided to get up and leave the restaurant anyways. In her confessional, viewers watched as Kenya recalled the incident at the restaurant and referred to Drew’s actions as putting LaToya “on blast” and “bullying.” In a later scene, her comments were additionally emphasized when she told Cynthia that she’d felt as though Drew’s actions at dinner had been bullying too.

As a side note to all that drama going on, the rockiness between Kenya and Porsha continued to impact the dynamics at play within the rest of the group. To summarize their issues this season, Kenya shaded Porsha’s Black Lives Matter activism because she seemingly didn’t find the latter’s increased social justice efforts to be all that genuine. Also, Kenya didn’t like that LaToya made out with Porsha during the night of B.O.L.O the (adult) Entertainer’s visit to their vacation rental in South Carolina. On the flip side, Porsha didn’t appreciate the allegations thrown her way during that South Carolina trip where Kenya framed her as the prime suspect in #Strippergate.

In an example of how all their drama has boiled over into the group, last night Porsha finally confronted Marlo about the latter’s renewed and budding friendship with Kenya — a union Porsha clearly wasn’t comfortable with and found to be strategic on Kenya’s part and phony in general.

According to Porsha, she really wasn’t feeling how Marlo and Kenya just so happened to patch up their relationship right around the time Kenya was going after her during the South Carolina trip. After explaining her point of view, Marlo said that she felt Porsha should be able to trust her judgment as a friend and be secure in the fact that she would never talk badly about her with Kenya even though the two were friends again.

Overall, it’s confusing how wishy-washing Kenya’s relationship with LaToya is especially since she seemed to be done with the “Trini Gyal’s” antics after what went down at Falynn’s. Regarding LaToya herself, it’s clear that even when she’s not drinking, her behavior still ends up being a topic of conversation for the ladies because of that mean streak she holds. Regardless, Drew was definitely wrong for telling the other women about LaToya allegedly saying she wanted to stop drinking because the latter probably said during a time when she was feeling vulnerable and needed to talk to someone in confidence. All that being said, Kenya calling Drew a bully is the most hypocritical thing she’s said in a long time considering her personal track record with many of RHOA’s cast members both past and present. Not only have we seen her bully some of her other cast members across the years, but some might argue that she’s been bullying Porsha this whole season…

Is it just me or are the underlying feelings between Kenya and Porsha just seeping into the other dynamics of the group and making them strained? In terms of RHOA history, the two have gone through so many peaks and valleys that only more time will tell regarding how things shake out amongst them — and the ripple effects it’ll have for the other relationships in the cast.

Down below are some of the best tweets from last night’s episode:

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