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sex and food

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Food and sex are more connected than you may have realized. In some cultures, eating animal testicles is considered to increase libido – which could be what inspired the creation of a whole Testicle Cookbook. Then there are supposed aphrodisiac foods like oysters. And while there’s no scientific evidence the food itself induces desire, it does contain zinc, which is linked to healthy testosterone. Plus, let’s just be honest, oysters are wet and slippery and, well, you get it. But we know food and desire are linked in our brain chemistry, too. In fact, the same part of your brain that responds to chocolate is also involved in sexual attraction. Perhaps in your life you’ve had a meal that was so good it put you in the mood for sex, or it was so good that it gave you what you called a “mouth orgasm.” There’s no denying that food can be quite sensual, so it’s no wonder many people like to incorporate it into their sexual acts.

If you are new to using food in the bedroom, it might seem a little intimidating. When you bring actual sex toys into the bedroom, they come with little instruction manuals. Exactly where you put exactly what is laid out in clear terms. But when you’re using food, you make the rules. Used incorrectly, food in the bedroom can lead to a sticky mess that doesn’t necessarily involve bodily fluids in any way, and dissatisfied parties all around. Here’s a beginner’s guide to bringing food into the bedroom.

sex and food

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Frozen grapes

Introducing new and extreme temperatures to sex can be a lot of fun, and is easily done with frozen grapes. You can run them over sensitive areas on your partner’s body. You can also make out while passing a frozen grape back and forth. They can be especially great when having sex on extra hot days in a home with no air conditioner. Ice cubes eventually melt completely, making a big mess, and they taste like nothing. Frozen grapes, however, won’t make a mess, and when they’ve reached room temperature, you can just eat them. You can also seductively feed them to a partner while they’re still on the vine.

sex and food

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You can incorporate cherries into your sex life in a lot of ways. You can simply pop one in your mouth and pass it back and forth between you and your partner’s mouths, seeing how long you can go before you just want to ravish each other like animals and one of you eats the cherry. You can dangle one by the stem and brush it over the erogenous zones of your partner’s body. If your partner is into visual effects, you can seductively lick cherries, drop them in your mouth, suck on them, and pull them back out. You can probably get creative with that last trick.

sex and food

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Sticky but sweet. Spread some honey on your partner’s nipples and lick it off, or have him do the same for you. You can also just drizzle some all over your partner’s body and lick that off, or vice versa. You can use your imagination to figure out other places you can lick it off one another. And if you just use it at first in foreplay in these ways I just mentioned, once you’re all riled up and sticky, you can get in the shower together to rinse off the mess and just see where things go from there.

sex and food

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This one could be a bit too acidic for some of us down there, but there are creative uses for it on men. The grapefruit blowjob is when a grapefruit reaches the parts of your partner’s shaft that your mouth cannot during oral sex. It can be a bit wet and messy, so don’t do this over expensive silk sheets. But the fruit’s juices taste good and can actually help you enjoy performing oral more, while also enhancing the experience for your partner. Essentially, you cut a hole in the center of the grapefruit large enough to fit your partner’s member, slide it over, and use it in tandem with your mouth.

sex and food

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Whipped cream

You obviously know about putting whipped cream on your body and having your partner lick it off (p.s. don’t do this on your vagina as the sugar can throw off your pH balance). There is another way to use whipped cream if you’re not quite comfortable getting too raunchy just yet, or if you want to minimize the mess. Put whipped cream on your partner’s hands and seductively suck it off each of his fingers. Of course, if you want to go old school, you can make an ice cream sundae out of yourself, seductively eating a banana before placing it on your body with whipped cream and cherries.

sex and food

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Send a video

Only do this with someone you trust entirely and who has consented to receive such content. You can use phallic food such as a cucumber and treat it like a dildo. Make sure to wrap it in a condom so the surface is smooth, and to eliminate any bacteria transference. Make a video of you doing…whatever you like with the cucumber. Where exactly it goes is up to you. And if your partner is really kinky, you can make him dinner that night and inform him that very special cucumber is in the salad (after excessive washing, of course).

sex and food

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Put dinner on your body

You can do this one with pretty much any food you’re comfortable having touching your skin, and to which you aren’t allergic. Covering your private parts in sushi is a classic – particularly sashimi since raw fish has a rather sensual texture. But you can do it with any food your partner likes such as deli meat, fruit leather, and anything that will lay flat on the skin well. You might want to make sure your partner doesn’t arrive starving since this is a tedious way to eat a full meal. It’s more just meant to be a snack and get him in the mood.

sex and food

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Make something messy together

You can have your very own Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost moment, but with food. Make something wet and messy together. Make something that will require both of your hands to be in a bowl of something wet and sticky at one point. Knead, mash, and mix ingredients together, with both of your hands in there. There is something very sensual about that act alone. You may find you don’t make it through the cooking process before you hit the sheets, so if the oven was on, be sure to keep an eye on that…

sex and food

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Get a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of melted chocolate and put them side by side. Make sure the chocolate has cooled enough for your comfort but is still in liquid form. Have your partner dip each strawberry in the chocolate and hand-feed it to you. Don’t bite into it right away. Work your mouth around it (I’m sure you understand how) a few times to give your partner a visual show before finally eating the strawberry. If you want a visual that looks particularly sexual, you can do this with white chocolate because the sticky white stuff resembles…well, you get the idea.

sex and food

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A blindfolded taste test

You can do this with almost any food you want, but it’s a good idea to stick to the sensual stuff like fruit, chocolate, oysters…things like that. Have your partner sit in a chair blindfolded (or lie in bed nude, handcuffed – whatever you’re into), and feed him different foods, having him guess what they are. Don’t be shy about doing a little teasing, like dipping cherries into his mouth and pulling them out just before he has the chance to eat them. You can also give him a kiss when he thinks he’s getting food, or cover your mouth in something tasty like chocolate sauce before kissing him.

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