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sex and food

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Food and sex are more connected than you may have realized. In some cultures, eating animal testicles is considered to increase libido – which could be what inspired the creation of a whole Testicle Cookbook. Then there are supposed aphrodisiac foods like oysters. And while there’s no scientific evidence the food itself induces desire, it does contain zinc, which is linked to healthy testosterone. Plus, let’s just be honest, oysters are wet and slippery and, well, you get it. But we know food and desire are linked in our brain chemistry, too. In fact, the same part of your brain that responds to chocolate is also involved in sexual attraction. Perhaps in your life you’ve had a meal that was so good it put you in the mood for sex, or it was so good that it gave you what you called a “mouth orgasm.” There’s no denying that food can be quite sensual, so it’s no wonder many people like to incorporate it into their sexual acts.

If you are new to using food in the bedroom, it might seem a little intimidating. When you bring actual sex toys into the bedroom, they come with little instruction manuals. Exactly where you put exactly what is laid out in clear terms. But when you’re using food, you make the rules. Used incorrectly, food in the bedroom can lead to a sticky mess that doesn’t necessarily involve bodily fluids in any way, and dissatisfied parties all around. Here’s a beginner’s guide to bringing food into the bedroom.

sex and food

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Frozen grapes

Introducing new and extreme temperatures to sex can be a lot of fun, and is easily done with frozen grapes. You can run them over sensitive areas on your partner’s body. You can also make out while passing a frozen grape back and forth. They can be especially great when having sex on extra hot days in a home with no air conditioner. Ice cubes eventually melt completely, making a big mess, and they taste like nothing. Frozen grapes, however, won’t make a mess, and when they’ve reached room temperature, you can just eat them. You can also seductively feed them to a partner while they’re still on the vine.

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