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After recalling an incident where she ran into rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill several years ago — where the latter allegedly displayed some erratic behavior — talk show host Claudia Jordan now says she’s been receiving death threats since she spoke on the former couple during a recent episode of her show Out Loud with Claudia Jordan via Fox Soul.

Surrounding herself with some drawn in question marks to emphasize her confusion on all the backlash, Jordan’s post showed her sitting in her car with a message at the bottom of the screen that said, “So you give a compliment… they mad cause you didn’t phrase it the way THEY would in YOUR convo? Get ALL the way the F*CK outta here kids.”

As far as the “compliment” Jordan gave, when she recounted the story of her run-in with Nicki and Meek, she said “Meek got upset about someone trying to take a picture of them in the restaurant. It’s Nicki Minaj, the biggest rapper of all time – at the time– and Meek Mill, like they’re a hot celebrity rap couple – and of course someone’s going to try and take a picture.”

In the second clip grabbed from her long series of Instagram Stories addressing the matter, Jordan said that while she doesn’t usually speak on the commentary that happens after she shares her opinions, in this instance, she wanted all the haters to know that their death threats and antagonistic messages won’t stop her from saying what she wants to say and how she wants to say it. Additionally, she noted that for the record, she wasn’t trying to shade Nicki or Meek — and if she was, you would know.

“[I] address the bullsh*t every once in a while and then I’ll be off it for a few months until something else happens,” Jordan said. “Y’all be doing little death threats and the little we gon ‘Imma spit on you when I see you cause you talked about Meek Mill’ or ‘You didn’t say Nicki is the greatest alive right now — of all time — or forever and a day,’ and ‘I thought you were trying to shade her with your compliment’ — I wasn’t. I don’t do things subtly, I’m very in your face. You know if imma be — if I’m trying to be mean or rude or if I’m trying to raise sh*t, I make it very obvious.”

The clip ended with the host saying, “But anyways, y’all be easy. [Going to] go back to the crib, warm up this pot roast, go for a jog, get these nails done, do my show tonight. Make sure you check out Fox Soul Monday through Friday, bye.”

Throughout the full series of posts, Jordan discussed her feelings on the hypocritical nature of those who hate on talk show hosts like her — to the point of sending death threats — when often those same people are the ones who tune in to hear the hosts dish on all the latest hot topics. As she sees it, just because the juicy story of the day might be your current favorite star, doesn’t mean that now all of a sudden the star shouldn’t be up for public fodder anymore.

To be real, Jordan made some good points. Even though the context in which she brought up the Nicki and Meek story was pretty random, and separate from the hot topic the hosts were focused on — which was Meek Mill and Vanessa Bryant — at the end of the day, it is her job to give her opinion and share her experiences as they relate to pop culture’s biggest stories. Despite this being the second time Jordan has been caught up with Minaj’s fans, it seems like the host is still far from being scared of a little controversy.

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