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Claudia Jordan made some pretty strong accusations against her ex-boyfriend Medina Islam, the current boyfriend of former Atlanta housewife Phaedra Parks. During an episode of “Cocktails with Queens,” she shared that during an argument, Islam body slammed her into a toilet so hard he broke the porcelain.

After the accusations gained traction online, Medina responded with what he called receipts. They were interesting in that they didn’t prove anything except for the fact that he refuted Jordan’s claims via email the same year the alleged violent incident happened.

Interestingly enough, despite the lack of proof, people believed Medina’s emails proved his innocence.

If you’ve watched Jordan on tv over the last few years, you know that she wasn’t going to allow him to have the last word.

So last night, she shared some receipts of her own, in addition to hosting an Instagram Live video with Islam’s brother, who confirmed her claims that Islam was lying about his identity and life in order to gain fame in the industry.

She said, “I don’t like to respond to the f*ckery but my ex is on social media posting “receipts” but his receipts are him making fun of my back injury that he caused when he slammed me backwards into a toilet. He is saying has never been abusive. Never in his life has he been abusive to anyone. Meanwhile, there’s a whole restraining order someone filed against him in Atlanta. He said that he never touched me but I have pictures.”

People asked Jordan why she didn’t call the police, Jordan shared that when you’re in a tumultuous relationship and because she gets dragged for everything she does, she didn’t want to bring attention to it. “I just licked my wounds and I went with my girl Nicki who was in Bali. And I just went for a couple of days.”

Claudia claims that contrary to Medina’s claims that he was ready to end the relationship, he had a friend of his speak to Claudia for months, trying to reunite the two.

Claudia also addressed people, the women specifically, who doubted her story and claimed to believe Medina’s side.

“That’s why women don’t want to say sh*t. Because when we do say stuff we get dragged like we’re negative, we’re bitter. We have a motive. I don’t have a motive. It doesn’t help me in my relationship to talk about this but I’m doing it because there’s meaning behind it. It’s extremely frustrating that you keep it to yourself. And then when you do talk about it, you get dragged.

During the live she accused Medina of breaking into her apartment after the breakup, and living off of women.

Later, she was joined by Medina’s brother who claimed he catfished her. He said, “This is about money. This is a cash grab for Medina. “

As for the receipts, Jordan posted pictures of her bruising, the cracked toilet, text messages from one of her apartment custodians proving he broke into her home, Medina’s ID proving he lies about his identity, the restraining order another woman took out on him in 2003, and a voice recording after the incident where Claudia speaks about her injuries and he doesn’t refute or deny them.

You can look at them all below.

You can watch the full Instagram Live video below.

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