10 Signs That You Don’t Really Miss Your Ex, You’re Just Lonely

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COVID-19 has essentially obliterated how we connect and interact with others, which means that as we approach this Valentine’s Day season, the loneliness can feel louder than ever. Unfortunately, especially in the age of digital media, the signs of loneliness are easily overlooked due to the fact that our smartphones and other technological devices can offer a false sense of closeness and connection.

Still, nothing truly takes the place of meaningful human contact and increased yearning for this basic need to be met can sometimes lead people to attempt to fill this void in unhealthy ways. One of the most common ways that people seek to fill the emptiness that they feel is by reaching out to lovers from the past. They mistake their loneliness as a sign that they were somehow meant to be with this person and begin reminiscing on the times that they shared.

There are healthier ways to manage chronic loneliness, but the first step to doing so is accurately identifying the signs of loneliness in the first place.

You find yourself idolizing social media couples

If you’re not a person who subscribes to #relationshipgoals culture, but you find yourself fixated or even idolizing social media couples as of late, it could be a sign that you’re simply yearning for a deeper personal connection with others. You may not actually miss being with your ex at all. You just want to connect with someone in a meaningful way and the way that the couples you follow present themselves on social media makes it appear as though they have the connection that you’re searching for.

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