Blogger Jason Lee Says Megan Thee Stallion Is “Big,” “Aggressive” And To Blame In Her Shooting, But We Watched Him Assault A Black Woman On TV

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Megan Thee Stallion Jason Lee

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You know what people have to stop doing? Creating false narratives about situations they weren’t present for based on their issues with a person involved in said situation. Many people have done that with the Megan Thee Stallion and Torey Lanez incident, but it truly made me feel uncomfortable to watch Hollywood Unlocked creator Jason Lee use his popular platform to do just that, all because Megan won’t be a guest on his show.

Lee, who is allegedly friends with Cardi B, was one of many guests invited to her birthday soiree in Las Vegas over the weekend. Megan, who collaborated with the birthday girl on the hit “WAP” was also present. Her invitation bothered him, clearly, as he felt he was owed some credit for Megan having a #1 hit because he allegedly introduced her to Cardi.

“Why is Meg acting like she’s Cardi’s best friend but ain’t came on my show and I introduced them?” he asked. “I don’t want to be her best friend, but I would appreciate some respect. That’s just how it works around here.”

Still reeling from not receiving that regard, he went on to claim that at Cardi’s party, Megan confronted former stylist EJ King about some issues and things got heated. He claimed an inebriated Megan flipped King off, eventually standing over him, pointing her finger.

“Megan was drunk as hell and super aggressive, and she’s a big girl,” Lee said.

Somehow, Lee used that alleged incident to imply that the same type of aggression was likely exhibited by Megan the night she was shot by Tory.

“I’m telling you right now, she has a problem,” he said. “I’m telling you right now whatever happened with her and Tory, there’s more to the story. I’ve seen her in action. I’ve seen her be aggressive.”

He said Tory needed to use that alleged event to “start building your story that you were being attacked and had to defend yourself because she was beating you up. Now I’m not here to say that’s what happened and I’m not here to condone shooting a woman because now she’s on this whole ‘Protect Black Women’ sh-t and she’s trying to blend the lines between Breonna Taylor getting shot in her home and killed by the police while she was sleeping with her man and got up because she thought she was being robbed, and her probably drunk attacking her boyfriend like she attacked her stylist for wanting his money!”

While he claims he wasn’t there to condone violence against a Black woman, it certainly sounded like a justification for a man shooting a Black woman. As usual. He played down the situation he wasn’t there for, calling it a domestic violence incident. Him saying, “Maybe you jumped on Tory and he defended himself. He’s only 4’3”, though being short hasn’t stopped Tory from assaulting people over perceived disrespect before.

Lee’s desire to paint her as anything but someone deserving of sympathy after being shot because he claims she’s “aggressive” was a line too far. In addition to that, it was hypocritical on his part. We’ve never seen Megan put her hands on anyone in the heat of the moment. We haven’t seen any videos of her standing over anybody talking crazy (it’s unclear if King confirmed or denied anything). What we have seen though is Lee throw a drink in a Black woman’s face.

It happened during Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and to Hazel E. For some reason, Lee tried to call out the TV personality’s past credentials as a publicist, and when she didn’t appreciate it, giving him back the energy he was serving her, he displayed his own bit of aggressiveness:

And yes, it was alcohol, not water — in the face.

Lee would eventually apologize for his actions and bury the hatchet with Hazel. I guess that was enough for it to disappear from his mind. But it is interesting that someone who said he tried so hard to avoid the “ratchet sh-t” he claimed went down at Cardi’s party, allegedly in part by Megan, at one time had no issue partaking in “ratchet” behavior. She’s supposedly “aggressive” because we’re supposed to believe you saw her curse out EJ King, and because she’s a “big girl,” but we know for a fact that Lee is actually aggressive. All this fake evidence people have tried to come up with to paint her out to be violent and excuse Tory doesn’t make sense. But Lee’s own documented behavior building a strong case that stands to this day that he is messy? That certainly makes sense.

It’s that messiness, that constant maligning, and strong desire to take credit for two women getting along and being successful together, is the real evidence of why Megan likely doesn’t want to involve herself with Lee. And that lack of desire, which he claims is just people in her ear, is the only reason he’s trashing her on his podcast and trying to tarnish her reputation as the case against her shooter prepares to unfold. It’s one thing to be mad and messy, but it’s another thing to go out of your way to get on a soap box and make a Black woman who has been victimized look like anything but a victim over pettiness. This is especially problematic when she’s using her voice and pain to shed light on a reality: Black women do indeed need to be protected. She’s been vocal in pushing for Black women to be confident in themselves, is aiding some in being able to get their education and is now fighting for them to feel and be safe. All I’ve seen Lee do for Black women is put them on blast and throw a drink at one.

He didn’t make her. She doesn’t owe him an interview. And there is no justification for her being shot while she was walking away from her shooter. So until he Lee checks himself and the weak reasons for his one-sided beef with her, I’m not comfortable hearing anything else he has to say concerning Megan. It’s all steeped in bitterness at the fact that she is doing damn well for herself, and didn’t have to kiss his behind to make it happen.

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