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Brandon and Michael

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Look, after last night’s episode, it had to be said.

Brandon Reid and Michael Watson put on quite the show during episode five of Married at First Sight. Michael was still in a self-imposed exile from Meka following their conversation about whether or not he gave her a time limit of when he was willing to wait for sex (the honeymoon). If you’ll recall, he claimed that she was trying to simplify what he actually said, then claimed she was trying to make him feel bad for not knowing the best ways to speak to her, and then he flat-out said that he didn’t say what she alleged, and chose to separate himself from her.  In episode five, it seems he and Meka spent a good chunk of time separated when they could have been talking through their issues, and Michael showed up late to a group “outing” to the pool, acting as though he didn’t know her, sitting far away from her, and only conversing with the other couples. It was super awkward.

Feeling like she was being bamboozled, Meka called Pastor Cal and told it all, including the uncomfortable conversation that led to their situation. He then called Michael and told him that while he may not have meant any harm by inquiring about what she likes sexually, because the two don’t know each other that well (it had been just about a week) and she clearly wasn’t feeling it, he should have dropped it.

The two would eventually meet up at the beach to talk and seemed to have a productive conversation about what they could each do to have peace in their marriage. When Meka asked him why he wasn’t wearing his wedding band, he claimed that he didn’t feel he was in a marriage and because he had disappointed her, he didn’t feel like he should wear it. He said he would wear it again, but he couldn’t give her a timeline of when that would actually happen, so she removed her ring, too. Michael also asked her to give him grace when he makes “mistakes,” as though telling someone you are going to need sex at a certain speed to stick around is just a slip of the tongue. She had to remind him that it wasn’t a mistake once she told him she wasn’t comfortable with his inquiries and he kept pushing it.

By the end of all that, it looked like he still stayed in his separate hotel room, but they were in a somewhat better place — enough to pose for a selfie together in front of the water.

And then there was Brandon, chile. Taylor took a silly personal cam video of him snoring and when I tell you he woke up and was not pleased about it? Brandon was so upset to the point that he avoided a kiss from Taylor soon after, and then didn’t talk to her for most of the day. If that wasn’t enough, when they went to the group outing, he said in front of everyone that she woke him up with a camera in his face in an annoyed tone. In his confessionals, he also said her behavior made him suspicious of her, as though she recorded him on the toilet.

And then when they had time away from the cameras at the pool, she bought him a drink he wouldn’t take and kept his distance from her. He would finally share in the evening (hours and hours later), that he was upset with her and had a full-blown anxiety attack that left him shaking because of her behavior. She didn’t agree with him. And when she, in turn, put him on blast for spending the whole day treating her like trash over that, he had the nerve to say that he’d apologized and she needed to get over it asap. He could be mad for the whole day but she needed to move on quickly. The nerve, I say.

They were eventually able to apologize to one another for the offenses, and he even told the group at dinner that he believed that night was going to be his lucky night with her in bed. He was able to impress her with rose petals on the floor and a bubble bath once they got private time, and they seemed back on good terms, likely to take things to the next level.

She moved on just fine, but my eyes almost rolled out of my head from the foolery that was displayed.

We’re seriously not only giving the silent treatment to folks but also keeping our distance from them over a playful video? And we’re doing this on the honeymoon??? Seriously, if you can’t act right on the honeymoon, which is literally the easiest time in the eight weeks, then it’s no surprise that Brandon and Taylor didn’t work out.

I also am not a fan of Michael running from having to share a room with Meka when she confronted him about saying one thing off camera and another thing on. He treated her like she made a big deal out of nothing when she literally was just calling him out for being fake — because who wants to find out they’ve married a man who is putting on airs? Michael left and kept his distance from Meka because he was actually offended to have been found out, and called on it on TV. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the common denominator for both men.

Brandon and Michael want to give off a certain image on Married at First Sight, and that is taking precedence over prioritizing the needs of their marriages. That’s why Brandon could get so irate over being seen in an unflattering light while sleeping, to the point that he avoided Taylor like the plague. And that’s why Michael went out of his way to save face, claiming his issue with Meka was just communication differences when it was that he was being creepy with a woman he barely knew and was taken aback that she was upset about it. They both acted like they were betrayed.

It is all pretty immature, self-centered behavior, to expect perfection and compliance from women they’ve only known for days that if they can’t get it, they can barely function as adults. It was exhausting to see, passive aggressive, and not a sign of individuals who are truly as ready to be married as they likely claimed to experts — hence the fact that folks are running to get annulments now…

I wasn’t the only one throwing things at the TV last night. Hit the flip to see the reactions to Brandon and Michael’s behavior by hitting the flip:

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