MAFS: Brandon Is A Different Type Of Awkward, Y’all

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Brandon and Taylor

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First, let me start by saying that if the folks behind Married at First Sight can’t fit all five couples’ weddings into TWO hours, then let that be a lesson for next season that they need to go back down to three, four couples max. They’re playing games with us at this point.

Secondly, and most importantly, we need to talk about Brandon.

He is handsome, and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but his level of awkwardness is unlike what we’ve seen on this show in some time (maybe ever?). I had a feeling it was coming when he showed up to get ready for his wedding in a Candy Crush-inspired tank top, but come on…

Granted, we can all understand how uncomfortable it has to be to meet someone at the altar for the first time and commit to marrying them and then try to build a connection with them after the fact. Conversations can be tricky, things may not flow so naturally, and the pressure of making good first impressions can be overwhelming.

Nevertheless, from the moment Taylor came down the aisle, in her oversized dress by the way, Brandon seemed extremely out of his comfort zone. His family didn’t help, either. The information about him shared from the pastor by his loved ones was not all that flattering, and instead, read like a warning to Taylor: He’s blunt, which may or may not work out in his favor, and he has struggled to date beautiful women who are of substance.

He tried to tell some jokes during his vows that were confusing (the whole “I knew I wanted to marry you the first time I saw you” had even his mom giving him the side-eye). He went in for the kiss saying, “You know what time it is” and tried to walk off with her before the ceremony had officially ended. He also spent the first part of their private time talking about how he was thankful a man didn’t come down the aisle. In between those moments, he struggled to give Taylor the vibe that he was feeling her so far.

“He seems a little awkward, “she said in her confessional. “Does this man even like me? Does he? I have no idea.”

And chile, that photo session and first dance was painful. When he joked that they should play “Dance With My Father,” he laughed awkwardly and said, “He’s not here,” which was kind of sad/uncomfortable since Brandon said he hadn’t seen his dad since he was 13. When he finally made it to the floor to attempt to keep up a two-step, his face was cringed for most of the dance,

However, he’s not alone in his awkwardness. Taylor at times matched it with her bubbly personality. When he would go in for a kiss in photos she literally at one point said, “Oh okay,” and turned her head away. When he took her hand, she acted as though she didn’t know what to do with it. Perhaps they are a perfect match? At least in their bumbling, fumbling characteristics.

All that being said though, we do have hope for Brandon. We thought it was very vulnerable of him to open up about the death of his brother with her. I also enjoyed the moment he had on the dance floor (though the terrible moves continued) with his grandmother, and the emotion he wasn’t afraid to show when his best friend/best man Dawit spoke on him was nice. I do think that for all his awkwardness, he means well and does want to be married. Some people just aren’t so easily able to be secure in unfamiliar surroundings, and what could be more unfamiliar and strange than having to share one of the most important moments of your life with a stranger, and in front of more strangers?

Based on what we can see from next week’s preview, he seems more in his element and into showing his desire for her when he and Taylor get alone in their hotel room after the wedding. So here’s to hoping Brandon will surprise us all, and despite a weird start, will be a great match for her. If not, they will continue to be a hard pair to watch…

As for Twitter, they’re going to need more to be convinced that Brandon is a good look for Taylor. Check out their strong feelings about how he handled his wedding day by hitting the flip:

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