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Michael Married at First Sight

Source: Lifetime / Kinetic Content

The honeymoons always bring out the drama for the couples on Married at First Sight, but we were surprised at how much drama played out between Meka and Michael on last night’s episode.

There were some red flags about Michael that were revealed during both parties’ meetings with each other’s families. When Michael spoke to her mother, grandmother and sister, he admitted that he, in a past relationship, had been guilty of emotionally cheating on a girlfriend. Then, when Meka met up with damn near Michael’s entire family and friend group, they told her that he has a habit of shutting down in the midst of conflict. Nevertheless, when Meka met up with him post-breakfast, she confronted him (which she will do more of this season) about this quality, which she was worried would be a detriment to their marriage. Michael reassured her that putting up a wall when upset was part of the old him, and that he would speak to her directly and honestly about whatever issues may come up.

Well, he would need to do that late in the episode, because Michael got put on blast for attempting to be slick. According to Meka, before they got to the hotel and around the other couples, while they were on the plane, Michael told her that if they didn’t have sex before the honeymoon was over, it could be a hindrance to them working. Meka wasn’t having it. When they finally got to their hotel room and on camera, she called him out for allegedly being phony, telling him that she wasn’t going to deal with him trying to look good for the cameras while saying things that were hurtful and contrary to who he seemed to be off-camera. She even accused him of putting on a show for the experts about being open and ready for marriage. All of this was an attempt to get Michael to tell the truth, apologize and do better.

However, he would never admit that he said that sex during the honeymoon would be optimal. Instead, he said that she was trying to make things so black and white and make him feel bad for not saying the right thing to someone he doesn’t actually know. But to her, and most people watching, it was just a yes or no answer — did you or did you not say it? He said no. In the end, he threw in the towel on the conversation and chose to get an entirely different hotel room to give her space as opposed to completing the conversation and agreeing to speak honestly at all times, including on camera.

Not going to lie, I lost a lot of confidence in Michael, but I did gain a lot of respect for Meka. To me, this situation is reminiscent of Luke and Kate from Season 8 of Married at First Sight.

Luke and Kate

Source: Lifetime / Kinetic Content

While Luke feigned that he was ready to be married to Kate and open, when cameras were off, he was telling her that her kiss repulsed him, he wasn’t attracted to her but was secretly having sex with her, and started spending more time outside of the home they shared than in it. Luke was never really confronted about it though by Kate, as she would just share his behavior with the experts and in her confessionals. The major difference here though, is Meka is no Kate. In my interview with her before the season started, she told me she’d watched past seasons, so it’s likely that she learned from Luke and Kate’s situation (and perhaps Tristan and Mia of Season 7) to call out any hypocritical, phony off-camera behavior on camera as soon as it happens. I commend her for that because it forces people to be honest and lets the public know that while you may be willing to fight for your marriage, you can’t do it if people aren’t going to tell the truth, including the ugly truth. Granted, the sex-during-the-honeymoon-or-bust statements are what she says was shared while he denies it, but based on Michael’s response to everything and visible reaction, I believe her — and that he’s already playing games…

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