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new sexual partner anxiety

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I don’t think men would actually find much to complain about if they are getting to have sex with you, but for some reason women have all of these insecurities about the things a new partner might notice and criticize. But it is only natural. When you first start dating someone, you don’t have that open communication you have later in a relationship, when you can lovingly tease each other for the sounds that you make or the things that you do in bed, and in general. That is the most frightening thing about having a new sexual partner. It is not that you might do something embarrassing, but rather that he won’t be comfortable enough to tell you. So he will silently suffer through it, and you’ll be unknowingly doing something that is apparently embarrassing. I’m so happy to be at a place with my partner when I can just tell him that he needs to wash his privates before we have sex, because he is stinky. And I am glad that he has told me that my pubes get a little sharp if I haven’t shaved in a week. We just laugh it off. But a new partner usually won’t tell you these things. In fact, if he did, wouldn’t you think he was a jerk? You don’t have that long history to know he is actually a good guy. Here are insecurities we all have with a new sexual partner.


Whether or not I orgasm

I know men can be sensitive about this. But let’s be honest, if a man does not know your body very well, he probably won’t make you orgasm. But I feel pressured to pretend that I do with a new partner. And I feel like he knows I am lying. With my long-term partner, I can just tell them I didn’t finish yet. So we are finished here.

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