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LUSH, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is more than a store. It’s an experience! Picture this:

You are surrounded by every color in the rainbow. Natural lavender, Shea butter, and citrus are among the many smells you are inhaling. Music – presently Christmas carols – can be heard, faintly, in the background. Your hands trace over unique shapes like snowmen, cupcakes, and stars! They all vary in texture and depending on the one you’re feeling, your hands can end up moisturized, exfoliated and/or covered in glitter. Welcome to LUSH.

As hardworking women, we like and deserve to be pampered. LUSH provides us with ALL-NATURAL products (containing little to no preservatives) to freshen up our bath, shower, hair, skincare and perfume at a reasonable price. Being able to pronounce the ingredients of your face and body products would be a nice change of pace, right? We suspect you’re nodding your head in agreement.

With over 650 stores and factories in over 40 countries, chances are you’ve seen a LUSH store before. If you’re like the majority of mall-goers I polled on their experience with LUSH, then you have passed by it on your way to Bath & Body Works, or The Body Shop or even Victoria’s Secret. However, a select few, since wandering into a LUSH, have decided the competition just doesn’t compare. There are two types of people in the world: Those who shop at LUSH and those who don’t. If you haven’t tried their rich lotions, bath time treats, or natural face masks…what are you waiting for?

With the help of two friendly and knowledgeable LUSH Gurus, Rachael and Danielle, I’ve comprised a list of products any LUSH veteran or beginner can appreciate. Check ’em out and learn some cool LUSH facts along the way!

Bar Soap: Honey I Washed the Kids – $7.95 (3.5 oz)

Real honey and sweet orange oil has this bar soap smelling good enough to eat! That can be said of many LUSH products, but this one smells especially yummy if you’re a fan of sweet, warm scents. Be sure to get a chunk with the dark honeycomb still attached because it acts as a great exfoliator! Not to mention, it lathers like a dream! This is the perfect LUSH soap for beginners, and after just one use it’ll be easy to see why this one is a best seller! More of a shower gel, girl? Try ‘It’s Raining Men‘ shower gel, which has the same scent as ‘Honey I Washed the Kids.’

LUSH Fact #1: In the store, bar soaps can be cut to reflect the amount of money you want to spend. You can get a piece as big or as small as you like.

Bath Bomb: Cinders – $4.95 (3.1 oz)

Bath bombs are used…wait for it….in the bathtub. With one of these dissolved in your water, your entire bathroom will be filled with whatever scent you choose. ‘Cinders’ bath bomb smells like warm cider infused with oranges and cinnamon. No surprise there because it contains sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil.  Escape the cold weather and relax with a spicy soak. It’s been said to resemble the smell of a burning fire and even crackles like one due to the fizzy pop rocks inside. Sounds like something you need to try for yourself!

LUSH Fact #2: Some bath bombs turn the water different colors and/or have a surprise inside. For instance, ‘Sex Bomb‘ has a small rose that will float around your tub. It’s all about the ambiance. *wink* *wink*

Bubble Bar: Magic Wand – $8.95 (3.5 oz)

Give this vegan option to a little girl or revisit your childhood with this super cute bubble bar. Shaped like a magic wand, cast the spell of relaxation. Bubble bars produce a shocking amount of bubbles, so snatch one up and save it for a special occasion. Just think of the relaxing possibilities! There will be no need to use dish detergent in a pinch anymore. I know I’m not the only one who did that. ANYway, soak in this luxury and become nostalgic because of the bubble gum scent. This one’s an instant mood lifter!

LUSH Fact #3: Don’t have a bathtub? Try an Emotibomb. It’s basically a bath bomb for the shower. You deserve a smell pick-me-up too!

Shower Jelly: Sweetie Pie – $5.95 (3.5 oz); $10.95 (8.5 oz)

Shower jellies are one of the most unique LUSH products. It’s a soap for the shower, but you can freeze it solid or use it in all of its jiggly glory straight from the container. Either way, it promises to get you clean and the iridescent glitter leaves behind a nice sparkle on your skin. Seaweed, coconut and a cherry infusion give this soap a sweet aroma. Shower time has never been more fun!

LUSH Fact #4: Men are welcome at LUSH too! Ask your guy what “manly” scents he likes or have him try a shaving cream like Shave the Planet.

Body Butter: Buffy -$11.95 (3.3 oz); $22.95 (7 oz)

‘Buffy’ (originally called ‘Buffy The Backside Slayer’) is named after the television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both the TV show and the body butter have a cult-like following. Designed to be used wet, ground almonds, rice and beans work together to buff away dead skin cells and increase circulation (goodbye cellulite!). Rinse the crumbs off and you’re left with smooth and moisturized skin thanks to the Shea and cocoa butter. Lavender, mixed with the other ingredients, creates a soothing perfume. The scent even lingers on your skin well after your shower or bath is over. Beware, this one can be a bit abrasive, but the results are worth it!

LUSH Fact #5: There are solid lotions, called massage bars, that can be used without water. Heavanilli is a great vanilla-scented one. LUSH Guru Danielle swears men are attracted to the scent of vanilla on a woman.

Body Moisturizer: Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – $2.95 (0.5 oz); $14.95 (1.5 oz)

Technically ‘Lemony Flutter’ is designed for your cuticles, but LUSH Guru Danielle uses Lemony Flutter on her hands, feet, lips, knees, elbows, etc. It is also the product that she can’t live without. According to the website, lots of people use this product all over their bodies as well. With its rich consistency, it’s no wonder why. It provides lots of moisture without leaving your skin greasy, which is always a plus! A fresh organic lemon infusion is the featured ingredient. Avocado oil, Shea butter, lemon oil, and mango butter can also be found in this citrus-y concoction. The lemon scent is not overpowering though, so go on and seal in that moisture with a twist.

LUSH Fact #6: Body moisturizers are not recommended for the face. Several facial moisturizers can be found here, according to skin-type. 

Facial Cleanser: Ultra Bland – $15.95 (1.5 oz); $29.95 (3.5 oz)

‘Ultra Bland’ is named for it’s lackluster appearance, but it’s actually a gentle facial cleanser and makeup remover all-in-one. LUSH Guru Rachael describes it as, “…the best makeup remover I’ve ever tried.”  Almond oil-based, this product works well on every skin-type. As a bonus, soothing rosewater and iris flower extract leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.

A demonstration on my hand to remove makeup after a stop in Sephora proved that this cleanser lives up to the hype! Afterwards, my hand was makeup-free and smooth to the touch. Finally, a gentle cleanser that works and doesn’t dry out the skin!

LUSH Fact #7: LUSH cares about the environment and animals. Their products are NOT tested on animals and their packaging is recyclable. The containers even have a small picture of the person who made the product on it. 

Fresh Face Mask: Catastrophe Cosmetic – $6.95 (2.1 oz)

This blueberry mask is rich in color and vitamins!  Calamine powder, one of the primary ingredients in this mask, provides a soothing effect. Remember those itchy chicken pox you had as a child? It was pink calamine lotion that saved the day! This concoction gives you a deep cleansing, but won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. The fact that it smells like a berry smoothie is a nice perk! Be sure to keep this whipped mask refrigerated so it will last all three weeks of its shelf life.

LUSH Fact #8: Fresh Face Masks can only be purchased in stores. Find your nearest LUSH here or try retro green face mask, Mask of Magnaminty, which can be purchased online.

Hair Moisturizer: R&B – $20.95 (3.5 oz)

This moisturizer contains ingredients that are very good for your hair. Originally made for African-American hair types, ‘R&B’ is a product that has been updated to work on all types of hair. It was also LUSH Guru Rachael’s pick when asked which item she couldn’t live without. The organic avocado butter and extra virgin coconut oil really nourish the hair. Its floral scent is due to the jasmine absolute added. The scent is not too strong, but pleasantly noticeable, so check out the quick video below on the hair moisturizers’ development from one of its inventors:

Pretty cool, right? This item seems like a must-have!

LUSH Fact #9: Almost all LUSH products have a “How to Use” video on the website. It’s such a nice bonus!

Lip Scrub: Mint Julips – $8.95 (0.9 oz)

Last, but not least, we have the lip scrub. This minty version is infused with peppermint, jojoba and castor oils. You can moisturize and exfoliate at the same time! To use this scrub, simply lick your lips, slather some product on them with your finger and then rub your lips together. Afterwards, just lick them clean. You read correctly. This stuff is edible, plus, it helps to take care of your lips before you apply lipstick. Soft lips plus a tasty snack…Bon appétit!

LUSH Fact #10: Holiday time means gift sets! Check out the deals here.

We’ve come to the end. Get out there and smell these products in person! Have you tried LUSH before? What products interest you? Let us know in the comments!

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